How to Become a Cam Girl: Accepting Gifts from Viewers

How to Become a Cam Girl: Accepting Gifts from Viewers

Aside from the obvious benefit of camming (which is the income you receive), you will also be lucky enough to receive gifts from your loyal viewers. These presents can range from luxury lingerie to designer shoes – as well as gift cards for your favourite stores. While this all may sound extremely exciting, it’s important to remember your safety and privacy before accepting gifts from viewers. After all, it’s great receiving a new pair of Louboutins but you don’t want your address being exposed in the process.

When mentoring new models on how to become a camgirl, we often get asked how to protect your information when sending wish lists out and receiving gifts. Luckily, we have a team of experienced camgirls available. Making us well-equipped to answer any questions about gifting and getting paid through camming. In today’s blog post, our team have shared some of the best ways to receive gifts from viewers below:

  • AdultWork Wish Lists


    AdultWork is a popular webcam model siteand one favoured by the camgirls at Off The Record models. When you set up a profile, there is an option to add a wish list. This allows viewers to purchase the things you would like. One of the camgirls, Sofia Sanctuary, finds Adult Work wish lists extremely helpful. She said: “I have an AW wish list which has anything and everything from sex toys and outfits to homewear and tech. It’s completely safe and the buyer never sees your address.”

  • Dedicated Email Address


    When you start with Off The Record Models, our team will recommend that you set up a dedicated email address for your camming. This email can then be used to pass onto your viewers and they can send gift cards to it. One of our camgirls uses this method. From experience she says: “Using a dedicated email is awesome as it hides who I am and keeps me safe. However, I can receive my gift cards with no worries at all. In fact, I have just spent my £100 e-gift card at Swarovski!”

  • Amazon Wish Lists


    Another way to receive gifts is through Amazon wish lists. Amazon have a wide range of products available on the site. After all, you can pretty much get everything you need on Amazon including equipment for camming. However, it’s important to note that Amazon often shows customers the city and county it’s shipping to. As a result, we would recommend using a fake name and PO Box address on any Amazon wish lists you have.

If you would like to find out any more information about how to become a cam girl, why not contact our team? Or take a look at our instagram to see more incites of our web cam girls. Off The Record Models are one of the UK’s leadingwebcam model managementagencies, helping women start their career in camming. We provide 24/7 support and training tutorials so you can get started with ease and confidence.

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