How to Become a Cam Girl: Protecting Your Personal Information

How to become a cam girl

One of the biggest concerns girls often have when learning how to become a cam girl is how to protect their personal information, and rightly so! When putting yourself out on the Internet to a bunch of strangers, you never know what someone could do with your details. Therefore, it is important to conceal as much information as you can.

We understand that this might sound daunting but our aim at Off The Record Models is not to scare anyone. Instead, it is simply to educate you about potential risks and keep you safe while camming. After all, our model management agency has been founded by an experienced camgirl who knows the ins and outs. As a result, we have some great advice and tips to share with future models so you are successful when you become a webcam girl.

Today we are sharing just a small part of the advice we give to camgirls and how you can protect yourself online:


Privatising Social Media

Social media can be both a blessing and a curse in the world of camming! Platforms like Twitter and Instagram can be a great way to promote your camming shows. However, it poses a number of security concerns. Unlike webcam model sites where you can block specific regions, your social media profile can be viewed by everyone! When it comes to your private social media accounts, it is advised to hide the majority of the details on it by going private or avoid using handles that link you back to your work as a cam model. One of our camgirls, Red Delicious, recommends not having social media at all after she has an issue with ‘someone finding me using reverse google image search.’

She went on to explain that: “I know a couple of other girls who have had regulars find them on Facebook and then know where they work etc. After being found by a regular viewer on my personal Instagram so I decided a cull of all social media was the way forward for me personally.”

Touching on a point made above by Red Delicious, one of our girls called YourGoddessJo, said that “If you have Facebook/Instagram, make sure that you don’t use any of your photos that are on your AW profile. Clients can find your personal profiles by doing an image reverse on Google. Also, make sure that your profiles are fully private! You shouldn’t have any relationship status or workplace details as public information. If you have children don’t have them as your profile picture.

Hiding Your Identity

Another worry some girls have when they are looking at how to become a cam girl, is being found by people they know. Some girls choose to use fake names and put their location as somewhere else in the UK, however, your face and body can be just as recognisable – particularly if you have tattoos. Therefore, in a bid to stay anonymous, one of our camgirls said: “There are ways you can stop people from recognising who you are on cam. I wore a black wig with a fringe and did my make up completely differently so I didn’t look how I usually do. If you’re worried about your voice getting recognised, you don’t even have to talk on cam!

When she started webcam modelling, this particular camgirl used to have separate wardrobes and accessories for her shows. She explained: “I had everything slightly different for cam – even my jewellery and bedroom decor. I wanted to make sure no one could make a distinction between who I was on camera and who I am in real life. Guys will ask you lots of questions about you and your life because they want to get to know you but this doesn’t mean you have to give them every detail about you.”

As our girls prove, there are always answers to any worries and ways to work to ensure you feel comfortable when camming! If you’re curious about how to become a cam girl, our team of expert camgirls are always available to help answer any questions you may have! When you join our webcam model management agency, you will also receive one-to-one mentoring and videos tutorials so have the best shot at being a successful model.

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