How To Become A Cam Girl: Should I Use My Real Name for Camming?

how to become a cam girl

When you’re in the process of learning how to become a cam girl, you might start thinking about your name and what it’s going to be. You may consider choosing a nickname to go by or you may even be thinking about using your real name. With a number of cam girls establishing themselves in popular circles and getting famous for camming, there is definitely an appeal to use your real name. However, there are a number of privacy and safety concerns that come with this approach to webcam modelling.

Here at Off The Record Models, we are one of the leading webcam model management agencies in the UK. Over the past few years, our team of experienced cam girls have mentored and supported women who want to start their career in webcam modelling. We often get asked about what name to choose when starting out and so we asked our current cam girls for their thoughts and opinions.

The Advantage of Using Your Real Name for Camming

One of the biggest benefits of using your official name for webcam modelling is that you feel more connected to your online persona. When you use a fake name, you can often feel like you’re a character and that you have to act in a certain way. While this works for some people, other cam girls feel uncomfortable with keeping up this act. Therefore, some webcam models use their real name (or at least part of their name) to help them be themselves.

One of our cam girls who uses part of her real name said: “I wanted to protect mine and my family’s privacy but I also wanted to stay true to myself! There is no other name that I could envision feeling natural to me other than one of my own and so I chose to use my middle name. I think personally it helps me stay true to myself and remember that I’m not becoming someone else every time I go on cam. I’m still just me and there are no expectations to live up to, I just have to be myself! I took my middle name off all other media I used so that it wouldn’t connect to me and it has worked well for me so far.”

 The Disadvantage of Using Your Real Name for Camming

As mentioned previously, using your real name on webcam can often be a privacy issue. While there is always a risk of your friends, family and acquaintances finding you, having an alias can further prevent this from happening. By having a unique nickname for camming, it reduces the chances of viewers finding your private profiles such as Facebook.

One of our cam girls said: “I imagine using an alias could be quite liberating if you felt like you wanted to separate your two personalities and make sure it didn’t cross over into your personal life. Plus, if you were perhaps shy and needed a push to turn you into the sexy vixen you wanted to be on cam, then a nickname could be perfect!”

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