How To Become a Webcam Girl: The Equipment You Need for Camming

How to become a webcam girl

In your quest to find out how to become a webcam girl, you may be asking yourself “what do I need to get started?” You wouldn’t be alone in asking this question!

Plenty of webcam girls sign up and think they will make lots of money immediately. However, this isn’t the case. The more time and money you can invest into camming, the better your success on the platform. In fact, the quality and variety of your show can massively contribute to your success as a webcam girl too.

Over the last few years, Off The Record Models – a leading webcam model management agency in the UK, have supported and mentored hundreds of webcam girls. When it comes to training, we provide each girl with 1-2-1 support and a range of helpful videos to get them started. One important topic that is often raised is the tools needed to become a webcam girl. In addition to your sparkling personality, charm and own individuality, these are a few things you will need that should assist your camming success:


  • A High-Quality Webcam

    You may already have a laptop or computer with an in-built webcam. However, the webcam in your computer is most likely low quality and your stream may be blurry. Therefore, we would recommend purchasing a new, high quality webcam that plugs into your computer. A good quality webcam doesn’t have to be expensive but it will give you that 1080p stream that your viewers will love! One of our camgirls, Michelle, says that she uses “the Gucee HD91 which I highly recommend” and Logitech also make really great cameras. 

  • Lighting

    Just like fashion models, you want great lighting that will flatter your body. After all, you may have the highest quality webcam but if the room you’re in is dark, nobody is going to be able to see you! It’s important to either purchase some lighting equipment or sit in natural light when camming Michelle recommends having “a ring light to get the best out of your cam sessions” as this makes all the difference to how you look on camera.

  • Lingerie

    As a webcam girl, you can define your online persona successfully with some sexy underwear! This type of clothing will not only have viewers interested but should make you feel more confident as well! One of our camgirls, Camilla West, believes that “it’s essential to have a few pretty sets of lingerie. Even though it’s totally up to you what you wear, viewers generally do like it if you’re wearing something pretty and appealing! You can always mix it up a bit and go more casual some days but having a couple of sexy numbers to slip on can be helpful! Plus, it makes you feel good!” A great tip is to wear layers of a silk robe or shirt so you can tease your viewers into tipping more and create some build up during a session.

  • Toys and Props

    Another great thing to have with you on your shows are different toys and props. While it depends on your specific niche, you can make the shows interactive by using prize wheels to give away private sessions and toys which viewers can control. When it comes to selecting toys and props, don’t buy everything at once as there might be some things you never use. However, Off The Record camgirl, Sofia Sanctuary, explains that she has “a good variety of vibrators, clit stimulators and anal toys as well as silk ties and cuffs.” Another top tip she gives to women wanting to become a webcam girl by using toys is “you will need lots of lube!” In fact, Sofia has a monthly subscription so it’s delivered regularly.

Whether you’re interested in starting webcam modelling or you are currently working as a camgirl and need some support, Off The Record Models are here. All of our team are either working camgirls or ex-camgirls looking to help others – meaning you receive only the best and most effective advice. If you want to know how to become a successful webcam girl, get in touch with our team today.

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