How to Disguise Yourself on Webcam Model Sites

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I want to cam, but I’m worried people will recognise me’. It’s one of the most common queries raised by potential models wanting to branch into the industry. Many girls are concerned that their identities will be exposed, or people will recognise who they are in pictures, videos or live shows on webcam model sites. The answer is simple. You just need a good disguise! Here at Off The Record Models, we are experienced cam models ourselves, so in this week’s blog, we detail the do’s and don’ts of disguises on cam!


Don’t be Faceless

Often, the go to deterrent is to provide a headless shot or position the camera to crop your head out when live, or even put a mask on. Unfortunately, faceless content will never gain traction in the camming industry. Why? Because contrary to what is believed, camming is all about connection. If a client can’t see you face, they simply cannot connect with you. If your eyes aren’t visible, the emotional interaction is not there and that’s the whole reason a viewer decided to cam – to connect with a real person. Faceless profiles on webcam model sites never work out and just don’t get the views in comparison with profiles who show their face.


Exclusive Content

When displaying or sending images it is imperative that you are showing pictures that are exclusive and not posted on any other social media platform. This is because anyone will be able to reverse search the image on Google, and potentially find out your real identity. We advise that any pictures you put out in affiliation with your cam girl persona on webcam model sites are brand new and feature a range of disguises.


Distinguished Disguises

When it comes to disguises, hair and make-up will be your best friend! You’ll be surprised at how different you will look with a slight image change. We’re not talking anything drastic either! It’s affordable and achievable. We’d recommend wigs, glasses, make-up and coloured contacts all the way.

There are so many wigs and hair pieces out there that are different lengths, styles and colours to completely change your image. Try a different hair colour and style from your own to encourage complete anonymity. When working on webcam model sites, do your make up differently to how you normally would on a day-to-day basis. Use different colour palates, experiment with fake eyelashes and coloured contact lenses. Additionally, changing the shape and shade of your eyebrows with a brow pencil or gel will help to accentuate but change the appearance of your eyes and brow area.

Furthermore, contouring is a great way to change your face shape just enough to be unrecognisable. Target the cheekbones, forehead and chin using darker colours to shade and chisel, whilst lighter colours will highlight.

A pair of glasses and ring light are all you need to finish your look. Glasses are a great disguise, especially if you don’t wear glasses normally. If you do, no worries, just find a completely different frame size and colour, or wear contacts. A ring light will complete your look, giving you a flawless finish. Use your light in a number of angles to highlight certain parts of your face or body in different ways when you’re taking pictures or doing a live.

These disguises combined will help you to feel protected and enable the customer to have that interactive connection, which means you will benefit financially!


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