How to Earn More Money as A Cam Girl

Cam girl model salary

Let’s face it, the adult industry is a big business, and in the current climate, cam sites have been thriving. There are lots of ways you can earn more money in the industry, you’ve just got to be at the top of your game. Here at Off The Record Models, we want you to achieve success and reap the benefits, so here are our top tips to increase your income!




Make sure you make a complete profile with your chosen agency. This way clients know more about you and the experience becomes more personal. Remember that your profile is your main marketing tool. It’s the first thing that will be seen, and if you advertise yourself well, the chances of attracting high-paying clients increases.

Organisation is key, so make sure the work time you set aside is dedicated to planning your shows and content before going live for your fans. Having a routine is important so you can get a feel for a good work-life balance. Having a schedule means your clients can work their time around you, which will generate a bigger following and consequently, more money.




Releasing material on socials can enable you to earn more money through increasing your followers. Remember that success does not happen overnight; your content needs to be around for a little while to gain attention, so make it interesting and use those hashtags to target your audience! Fans love the ‘access all areas’ feel that comes with subscribing to your channels.




Although alluring, camming takes confidence, boldness and creativity. To earn more money, make your shows personable and stand out from the crowd. This will bring your clients back again and again, because every experience with you will be exciting and different and something to look forward to after the stresses of day to day life. We all know what is sexually appealing is not the same for everyone, preferences differ from person to person, so explore your options and keep it fresh!

Also, remember that for every niche and fetish out there, are hundreds of people wanting to try it. Be creative and adventurous!




Investing in a good quality camera and microphone can enhance viewing quality and the overall experience for your audience. Having assurance that your technology is top notch and won’t fail you during your performance will add to your confidence! Your audience will be able to see and hear you in the highest quality, making them want to return to your professional channel.

Keep in mind, that whether you are just starting out or an industry pro, staying online for longer durations now and again can boost your following and result in more business opportunity. Experiment; head online during different times of the day to gain a feel for popular engagement times and don’t forget to advertise when you’re going live and interacting with your fans.


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