How To Make Money As A Webcam Model

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Internet modelling is becoming increasingly popular, with more and more girls choosing to become a webcam model as a career. While for many it boosts confidence and is a fun and flexible way to work; there’s no denying the immense earning potential that online cam girls can have.

At Off The Record Models, webcam model management, our live webcam models can earn £500 to £1,500 a week; depending on the time spent online and on live shows. Here’s how you can make money from webcam modelling.

Look Good, Feel Good

First impressions matter. If you look your best on cam, you’re likely to feel your best when performing. Spray tans, nails and hair are all small details that add up to a full, glamorous look (if that’s your thing!). Pre-cam beauty and grooming rituals may help you feel more confident during your live shows.

Calm and confident

It’s always best to jump on cam when you are able to give it your undivided attention. This ensures you can give the best show and keep your viewers watching for longer. If you’re distracted doing other things or seem uninterested, your audience will quickly feel the same! Similarly, if you’re overly nervous or fidgety this may affect your performance. Off The Record provide 24/7 support and the group WhatsApp chat is always available to ease any pre-cam nerves!

It’s also always important to be kind and courteous, it can be the difference between a £1 tip and a £10 one! If you receive strange requests that you aren’t comfortable with, politely decline and block any users who refuse to take no for an answer.

Find a Fantasy or Niche

Most online users visit cam girls to get something porn can’t offer. Customers are often prepared to pay lots of money to see their wildest fantasies come to live. Finding a niche not only means that you can cater to your audience within your comfort zone, it is also a great way to gain regular clients and tips.

When it comes to making money as a webcam model, we believe the more you put into your live shows, the more you’ll get out. At Off The Record, webcam model agency, we provide training and 24 hour support to increase your earning potential.

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