I Want to Cam, Do I Need to Show My Face Online?

I want to cam but am worried about showing my face online.

I want to cam but do I need to show my face!’ is a statement we often hear from prospective cam girls. We would never push anyone into doing something they’re not comfortable with. However, we can say from years of experience that those that show their face see a significant increase in regular clientele and earnings, when compared to those that don’t.

In this week’s blog, our webcam model agency discusses the benefits of showing your face online and how to disguise yourself if you’re worried about being recognised.


Why Do I Need to Show My Face?


Of course, this is down to personal preference, but we would highly recommend not being a faceless profile. Contrary to what is commonly believed, camming is all about connection. Your clients can only build a connection with you by getting to know your personality and this includes what you look like. Body language and eye contact are fundamental to building a strong rapport. By not showing your face, it makes it extremely difficult for your clients to build a connection and trust in you. They may not feel you’re authentic and you’ll be passing up opportunities to entice regulars if they feel they can’t connect with you from that first encounter.


I’m Worried About Being Recognised


This is common cause for concern with new starters especially. If you’re thinking I want to cam but are worried about your identity being revealed, we say don’t let this hold you back. The chances of this happening are rare and as long as you have a disguise in place, you will be absolutely fine. A disguise will help you to feel more comfortable, plus, you can use your new look to help build a spicy persona!

Remember, being a cam model is your job and you should be proud of all you are achieving. Should someone find you online, well, they were the ones searching for online models, so don’t feel bad! This career allows you to be your own boss and work flexibly in a diverse and creative industry. Plus you earn a sizeable income from the comfort of your own home! Not many people would want to be called out for watching live camming. The ball is in your court. We would recommend telling the important people in your life that you feel would support you with your career venture, if you feel comfortable to do so.


Disguises to Help You Feel More Comfortable


Simple disguises can instantly help you to feel more comfortable and instil a new sense of confidence in your performance. You’d be surprised at how different you could look by wearing a wig that’s a different colour to your natural hair. There are so many out there that are different lengths, styles and colours to completely change your image. Ensure you style your hair and make-up differently to how you would do it day to day.

Accessories like glasses, fake lashes and coloured contacts also work extremely well. Glasses are a great disguise, especially if you don’t wear them normally. If you do, no worries, just find a completely different frame size and colour, or wear contacts.

When it comes to make-up, experiment with different colour palettes; contour your eyebrows, cheekbones, forehead and chin to create a slightly different face shape. Contouring is a great way to change your face shape just enough to become unrecognisable on cam. Target the cheekbones, forehead and chin using darker colours to shade and chisel, whilst lighter colours will highlight.

Investing in a ring light will complete your look, giving you a flawless finish. These disguises combined will help you to feel protected and enable the customer to have that interactive connection, which means you will benefit financially!


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Don’t let the fear of being recognised stop you from starting a new and exciting journey. At Off The Record Models, we ensure that no personal details are given to the platform we use. Your safety is paramount to us. Still think, I want to cam? Let our webcam model agency support you! Get in touch with us here, or for a little more information, head over to our Instagram @offtherecord_models. We’d love to hear from you!

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