I Want to Cam: What Your Weekly Schedule Should Include

I Want to Cam

One of the draws to camming is the flexibly, however, with being your own boss comes accountability. Having a weekly schedule is fundamental to your success as a cam girl. So, if you’re thinking ‘I want to cam but don’t know where to start’, – some form of schedule could be a good base!


A Schedule Ensures Routine

One of the most important elements of having a schedule is that is allows you to plan your work around your life and not the other way around! The beauty of camming is that you can work anywhere in the world and at the times that suit you. It all depends on your circumstances and of course, how much money you want to earn on webcam.

In order to attain the big money, routine is essential for your customer base, but also to ensure you’re on top form in the designated time that you’re on camera. Be mindful of the fact that just because you can work any time of the day, your viewers won’t all be online at once. Different time zones, careers and living circumstances mean that the men visiting these sites will have fixed schedules themselves. ThisI Want to Cam will only allow them to be online at specific times of day.


Dates and Times

If a customer sees you webcamming at 6pm today and wants to visit your channel again, they will most likely visit you at 6pm the same time tomorrow or in the following days to come. If you begin log on to platforms around high traffic times (often in the evening), you will be able to form better connections with potential long-standing customers.

Let your clientele know exactly when you’re going to be online and be sure to set aside time to attract new business opportunities. Having a regular client base ensures that you earn money on webcam and can make this this new venture a lucrative career.


Personal Details

If you’re thinking I want to cam, but what will set me apart? The personal touch will enable you to stand out amongst your competitors. When you’re just starting out, you may come across a lot of clients who want one off sessions. However, the goal is to get them to return. With clients that you think have the potential to visit again, jot down a little about them in your schedule.

Contrary to what you’ve probably been told, camming is more about connection than the visual. Taking note of the things that make your client tick on a deeper level, for example, hobbies or career talk is always a good idea. Asking them questions whilst chatting is a great way to show them that you’re interested, whilst forming that initial connection and in turn, getting them to see you again. It always pays to be an attentive listener in the camming world.

Content Ideas

As well as making appointments with clients, we suggest setting time aside to create content. It’s important that you are proactive with your content, so having a schedule detailing what you’re creating and when you’re posting it will help you to stay on track. This is not only helpful for your work-life balance but from a marketing perspective, paramount to your new ‘brand’! Regular and timely posting will fair you well when it comes to SEO and the algorithm, which will positively impact your business and help you gain visibility with a wider audience.

In regard to actual content, create what your fans love to see. If you’re stuck, take a look at national days. For example, national dominatrix day could involve dressing up in your bondage gear for a cheeky snap or two.


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