Kelly (RedDelicious) spills the tea on OTR Models…

One of the primary reasons I decided to start webcamming was for the freedom it provides. Being able to choose the days and hours I work, was hugely appealing. As well as the autonomy webcamming affords (you really do, run your own business and become your own boss), the possible financial rewards, completely sold it to me. I hadn’t considered the idea of drastically improving my confidence at this stage!


Off The Record Models is the agency I decided to work with. In my opinion they are definitely the best agency for girls in the UK. They are personable and lovely to work with, and they genuinely care about you, and want you to succeed.

Every query I ever had has always been answered, and all of the contact between OTR and myself has been helpful, insightful, and so encouraging; exactly what you need when you are new to camming!

They are there to support you and to help you navigate getting started as a webcam model. The support is ongoing, too. As well as this,  you become part of a whatsapp community with other girls and women who are working with OTR. This has been such a source of fun and positivity since I began.

Confidence Boosting…

Webcamming itself is even more rewarding and fun than I’d hoped; I have simply lost track of the number of wonderful compliments I’ve received since starting. In my working day I receive compliments not only related to how I look (which is always a confidence booster), but so many in terms of my personality and how people have enjoyed spending time with me. Since camming, my confidence has increased hugely. Instead of worrying about  flaws, I admire my body so much more. It’s so liberating to love your body and see how others love it!

As well as this, because my personality and intelligence seem to be mentioned so often as reasons why people like to cam with me, I’m feeling happier generally. I now walk around with a spring in my step which certainly wasn’t there before!

I’ve found that I’ve made some amazing connections with people, had fun, enjoyed myself. I’ve been celebrated and appreciated for being me…and been paid well for it too.

Keep control…

Working with OTR, you control your time, as well as your own brand as a webcam model, I love it. There aren’t many industries in which you can pick and choose your hours, completely run the show, and be rewarded so well financially. You really get back what you put in,  you can grow your business according to your own personality and style.

OTR are there to make sure you feel supported, happy, and most importantly, to make sure that you succeed.  Every day is varied, fun, and rewarding, and I can’t recommend it more highly!

Join the family…

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