Live Cam Models Discuss Online Date Night: The Essentials

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A big part of being a webcam girl is tailoring virtual date nights for those clients who that little extra. Since COVID, they’ve become a lot more common and however you plan to spend your evening, it’s important there are a few fundamentals in place. Your clients are after connection, so it’s important to make the experience as realistic, yet professional as possible. In this week’s blog, our live cam models discuss the essentials that will keep your online dates coming back for more!


Dating Experiences

Virtual dates have always been a part of live cam models’ lives and since COVID, date experiences with a cam girl have skyrocketed. With so many cam models offering a similar thing, it’s important that what you are doing sets you apart from the crowd. Simple things like quality equipment, the right lighting and looking the part will highlight your profile as more professional than others.

If you have a regular client who would like a date with you, try your best to accommodate their specific requests. Show that you’re willing to go that extra mile and tailor the date towards them – it’s a steadfast way to get them to return. When you advertise exclusive evenings online, be sure to let your followers know that you can specifically accommodate to them. It’ll make all the difference to your overall income!


Speed Dating

Now, this might sound fairly menial, but it’s an absolute essential. Be sure that your internet runs at a good speed. Don’t just look at your download speeds, check your upload as that’s the most important part when sending sound/image. It’s important for live cam models to check their internet connection before logging on also. You don’t want the chat to drop mid-flow because your internet is too slow. It’s all about that real time connection.



As if you were on a physical date, check your surroundings. You don’t want your date to sese the washing up you meant to do on the table behind you! Clear the decks, to ensure there is nothing distracting behind you. Virtual dating is almost like you’re inviting someone into your home and it can feel quite intimate and personal, despite not physically being together.

Lighting is key on these dates. You can create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere easily with a little ambience. Make sure that this is all sorted before the experience starts. Get yourself a good webcam, HD or 4K and a ring light, as looking your best is important. Ring lights create a lovely glow and enhance clarity.



It’s important that you go into a virtual date with some conversation – it can be just as awkward as meeting someone for the first if you don’t have chat! Live cam models must be real as the client is there for a true date-like experience. Ask about their work, their hobbies, how their day was, what they’re looking for… put them at ease and in doing so, you’ll feel way more confident. Make it fun and always be yourself!


Set the Scene

The more online date nights you host, the more confident you will become. Be true to yourself and do exactly what you are comfortable with. Being well presented is important and this will help you to feel more confident too! Our live cam models would suggest making the same amount of effort as you would if you were going to meet your client in person. Hair and make-up are an important part of your persona on cam, so get dolled up and have a glass of wine to settle your nerves before the date begins!


Get in Touch

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