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Sexual aftercare is a term that originated in the BDSM community to describe checking in with a partner and making sure everyone is alright after sex play; but our live webcam models say it can really make the difference to any sexual experience. Communication is key and taking the time to check in with each other can enhance the physicality between you both. Aftercare is important for everyone, whether it be for one night, on camera, or a regular occurrence. Here at Off The Records Models, we thought we’d give a little insight into the different types of aftercare and how you can make it work for you.


Checking In


A recent 2018 study found that almost 60% of the 300 women surveyed felt tearful and anxious post-sex at least once in their lives. This statistic alone helps to understand why aftercare is so important, whatever your preferences.


Live webcam models say that aftercare is the most forgotten part of sex, even on camera. Generally speaking, if you have an orgasm, a huge rush of endorphins and hormones peak inside of you. Simply turning a camera off or going to sleep without acknowledgement of the sex could result in what’s called a ‘drop’. Once these endorphins and adrenaline levels crash, you’re left upset from the dramatic shift in feelings. Practicing aftercare ensures that all participants feel safe and cared for after the encounter.


Emotional Aftercare


Everyone wants to feel desired and cared for. After sex, show your partner that their well-being remains top of your list, even after an orgasm. If this is not a long term, consistent sexual partner, this can work too!


A lot of people believe it would be awkward to practice intimate aftercare with a casual partner, but it can actually enhance the experience for everyone involved. As live webcam models have found, the stigma and shame around sexuality encourages an idea that we can’t be vulnerable and intimate (especially after sex) with someone we’re not serious about. The answer here is, we can. You’re not promising anything by simple reassurance after sex, it just shows that how your partner feels after intimacy is as significant as the sex itself.


You can keep the aftercare with a casual partner to a minimum if you wish but let your guard down a little and you’ll see how good it feels. Simply asking ‘what was fun?’ or ‘next time we should try this…’ can be enough. You’ll learn a lot about your significant other, your own body but also, what it means to have great sex from start to finish.


Physical Aftercare


Finding a physical connection, however small, can play a vital role in sexual fulfilment. Physical aftercare and support can be as small as pulling over an extra blanket if you’re both a bit chilly. Cuddling is also a great way to bask in the ambience of a post-sex glow. If you’re not at the ‘sleepover stage’ yet, you could suggest a shower together. It’s a nice transition that keeps your aftercare a little bit flirty.


Small acts of kindness are sometimes more than enough to make sex memorable. They clearly show that you are taking an interest in that person’s welfare and safety, fulfilling the whole sexual experience for both of you.





Remember that no matter who you’re sleeping with, everyone deserves respect. Aftercare is certainly not sneaking out in the middle of the night or behaving in an unapproachable manner after sex. Objectifyingsomeone or acting embarrassed will make them feel extremely undesirable and possibly guilty about what just happened. Live webcam models recommend keeping it positive, open and respectful.

Aftercare looks different to everyone, so make sure you ask how your partner prefers theirs. The communication will result in you both being on the same page. Remember, it’s about taking care of each other in a vulnerable moment. If you look at it that way, there’s no reason to leave it out.


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