Masturbation Month: Tips from A Webcam Model

Did you know that May is national masturbation month? Here at Off The Record Models, we’ve candidly spoken about the importance of content relevancy and how key dates and months can help to refresh your channel! If you’re a webcam model, masturbation month is the perfect excuse to learnhow to a leverage a steamy solo session to play to your advantage! We thought we’d over our top tips on where to start if you want to get ahead of the game.


Set Your Scene


As a webcam model, creating a comfortable environment to perform in is essential when it comes to solo play sessions. After all, masturbation is a personal experience and to get that vibe just right, you’ve got to feel relaxed. Wherever you decide to cam, make sure it’s your own personal sanctuary. The bedroom is a great place to start. Play around with atmospheric lighting and fun angles you could use; be sure to give yourself space to do your best work. If you’re planning on a roleplay scene, prepare in advance so that you not only have enough room to perform, but also to ensure you have the right accessories to hand.


Setting the scene can also incorporate lingerie, make up and props. Not only do you want to feel comfortable, but remember you are creating a fantasy for your clients. Make it authentic to what you’re try to achieve, and you’ll gradually get that go-to reputation you deserve!


Know Your Audience


This is where being prepared can really help. If you know the kind of viewers that will be watching your webcam modelshow, you can plan your content exactly. Some shows may require more context and lead up, some are more intimate. There are so many ways to create a solo play show, so be sure to play to your strengths, whilst considering your options for each group of viewers to keep them coming back for more.


Do This for You


Yes, being a webcam model is your career, but remember self-pleasure is exactly that. Be sure to enjoy yourself during these sessions! Your fans come to you for a realistic and enticing experience. Demonstrating what turns you on ensures authenticity because you’ll be a having a genuinely good time!


It’s easier said than done, but in the midst of masturbation, pretending the camera isn’t there can really help you to be confident in your most vulnerable moment. You may have planned your show to the finest details, but in the lead up to climax, be sure to have some fun. You’re working hard to put on this show, you deserve it!


Get in Touch


If you’re thinking of becoming a webcam model, we’d love to help you! Here at Off The Record Models, we’re experienced cam girls ourselves, so can offer our advice and support along the way! If you’re interested in joining our community, contact our agency today!



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