Mental Health Support for Cam Girls

one of OTR Cam Girls discussing mental health.

It’s extremely important for cam girls and adult performers to be kind to their mind and take time out where needed to ensure the optimum work-life balance. As someone who is self-employed or self-sufficient, it’s fundamental to take the pressure off from time to time. Giving yourself regular breaks allows time to reset and rejuvenate and long-term, prevents burnout.

Your Happiness Comes First

The great thing about being a webcam model is that you are essentially your own boss. You choose the hours you work and where you work from. It offers freedom and flexibility like no other career. This being said, we would recommend sticking to certain hours to encourage set days and logging off at specific times for the perfect balance.

New cam girls can sometimes make the mistake of thinking they have to be online all the time. This is simply not the case. It’s all about finding those regular customers and building a rapport to increase your income. Setting boundaries is key to your success.

Spending a lot of time online can become addictive, especially as your totals incline. However, make time to step away and do exactly what makes you happy. Go to your regular gym class on a Tuesday night, have a bath and read a book to unwind, meet up with your friends every other Saturday. Never compromise your social life and wellbeing for the sake of work.

Scheduling for Support

Be sure to detail the dates and times you’re heading online. This will ensure that your 1-to-1 slots are fully booked, and your group viewings are packed. This will help you to make the most out of your time online. Being a webcam model entails a lot of personal admin and acute organisation. In order to ensure you are prepared and have as much of a routine as possible, we suggest creating a clear schedule to follow.

A clear schedule will enable you to see exactly what your week or month looks like. You can plan your work and social life accordingly; this will encourage you to look at the hours most beneficial for you and take the appropriate time out when you need it.

Scheduling is important for client appointments, but it’s also just as important to jot down things like a pamper evening, a coffee date with friends or even a walk in the park with your favourite tunes on!

Keeping the Conversation Open

Many cam girls find it hard to talk about industry specific struggles to family and friends. Unfortunately, this largely comes down to fear because of the stigma attached to adult work (even in this day and age…we know!)

However, having someone to talk to is paramount when it comes to positive mental health. Whether it’s in person, or on the phone, it’s important to open up and express yourself rather than keep it bottled up. At OTR, we’re always here to help and that’s why we are the world’s first webcam agency to sponsor Pineapple Support – an industry specific support network that provides mental health care and advice to adult performers across the world.

Pineapple offer positive mental health support 24/7 with free professional therapy and advice. This is stigma free support in a safe and caring environment in which every performer can be proud, free from discrimination and judgement. At OTR, we cannot express enough just how fantastic they are and our models who have used their services wholeheartedly agree.

Get in Touch

A webcam model agency is certainly something to consider if you’re just starting out in the industry. Not only can we help you find your feet, but should you need anyone to speak to further down the line, you can rely on us and/or Pineapple for support when you need it most.

At OTR Models, we are cam girls ourselves, so know first-hand how important it is to look after your mental health. For more information, visit our Instagram @offtherecord_models, or you can sign up here today. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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