Become a Cam Model: A List of The Most Requested Fetishes

Even before you become a cam model, you will have heard of the many creepy and downright dirty requests that camgirls receive. From men with a sploshing fetish to having to pretend to be a zombie; you should expect some weird requests in your time as a cam model. But whether you choose to accept is your decision!

While these strange requests come through once in a blue moon, there are some requests that are more common.

1. Playing with Feet

Worshipping and playing with feet is a common fetish; some might even say it’s the most popular of them all; that’s why it’s a common request on webcam model sites.

This is an easily performed fetish for online cam girls; you can dangle your feet in front of the camera and show off the whole of your feet. If you know what area of the foot turns them on, make sure you focus on it. You could even grab massage oil and rub it into them to get your feet nice and slippery.

2. Smoking

While it may be considered an unusual fetish by some, millions of guys enjoying getting off to a woman smoking cigarettes. Whether it’s how you take the cigarette from the pack or the way you place it to your lips; you’re guaranteed to have men flocking to your live show within no time.

3. Financial domination

Most men who partake in financial domination enjoy a loss of control over their money. However, it’s important to remember that financial domination can take many forms. For example, some “pay pigs” will get a kick out of sending tributes to you while others might do it for the pure humiliation of having a woman laugh at him, as he has to pay for her attention.

If you’re a prospective Findom (aka a financial dominatrix), make sure you understand what the limits are and agree with your client what he expects from you.

4. Stockings and lingerie

From fishnets to sheer silk and lace, lingerie has been a popular fetish for men since it was first invented. As lingerie is such an accessible item for most live cam models, it makes this fetish is the easiest to complete. Just slip into your finest bra set with a pair of suspenders and high heels and watch as men go crazy over your look.


Following the mania that was Fifty Shades of Grey and BDSM, domination has been pulled to the forefront of the fetish community. For men who like to be dominated by powerful women, there’s nothing better than talking to a dominatrix who will make you worship her.

For online dominatrixes, this could involve humiliating the men about their penis size (if they’re into that). Or telling them exactly how you would like them to get off on your show.


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