New Year, New Career: Try Being A Cam Model Now

New Year, New Career: Try Being A Cam Model Now

As we enter into a brand-new decade, we are often prompted to think about the year ahead and what we will achieve. During this process, it is common to start thinking about your career and wondering if you are truly satisfied by what you’re doing. If you’re working a nine-to-five which is creating problems for your mental health or doing shift work which doesn’t pay well, there’s always other solutions out there. One potential career opportunity is being a cam model with Off The Record Models.


In the last few years, the discussion around camming has grown massively and we believe the reason for this is the rise in popularity of being your own boss and working from home. There is nothing quite as idyllic as imagining what it would be like to be able to set your own hours and work wherever you like. Plus, you are able to do all of this while connecting with new people every day.

To give you a further understanding of what it’s like being a cam model, our current models have shared their experience of becoming webcam models as well as what it takes to be successful and the opportunities you are given:


How To Become A Cam Model


Unlike most jobs, becoming a camgirl is extremely simple. You can either go it alone by setting up your profile on a trusted webcam site or by joining a webcam model managementagency like Off The Record who will help you through the entire process. Once you have a profile, you have the ability to start streaming and making money.

What It Takes To Be A Camgirl

Camming is an extremely competitive job and requires lots of hard work to be successful. Here are some of the key skills that will help you make it as a camgirl:


  • An interest in meeting new people and building relationships.
  • A knowledge of developing a niche and brand for yourself.
  • An understanding of social media platforms to promote your shows and expand your audience.
  • An eye for production to ensure all of your streams are high-quality.
  • Great photography (and selfie) skills.
  • An ability to take initiative and market yourself.
  • An interest in embracing your own sexuality.


What Opportunities Are There For Camgirls


As a successful camgirl, you could look to make between £100 to £2,500 a week – depending on how often you stream. Here at Off The Record Models, we can help you maximise your earning potential significantly. We have a team of experienced camgirls who are able to provide support and guidance to new models. This also includes delivering workshops and guidebooks that will help you boost your earnings.


Other opportunities include gifting by viewers from your Amazon wish list. This is where clients will purchase items you desire from a list and it will be sent to you (without them finding out your address). Items that have been purchased previously include lingerie, designer shoes, holidays and even a car! The limit is truly uncapped.


If this sounds ideal to you, then you could make the perfect camgirl! We are currently taking applications so apply now to hear more from our team. If you have any more questions about being a cam model, feel free to contact us on Instagram.

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