Off The Record Models: Our Story

At Off The Record Models, we’re all about community and supporting one another, as you may have seen! The foundations of OTR Models started back 2017, when our founder, Amber Kelly, realised there was a huge gap in the market for a female community led cam girl agency. Over the last 5 years, we’ve grown a lot, so in this blog, we thought we’d tell you a little more about us, how OTR was created and why we are different from any other cam girl websites.


How We Started

Our founder, Amber, started camming back in 2015, upon the persuasion of her housemate, Nuala, who was already a successful cam girl. After her first day camming with an agency, sat in sports kit, she was gobsmacked to earn over £1,700 in just 12 hours. Watching the credits accumulate was almost addictive. It was then she realised that this could become a serious income; so, she started camming more regularly, whilst working her other job on the side. After over a year of camming with the same agency, Amber decided to go solo. Unfortunately, payment issues made her question the sincerity of their support; she wanted to try camming by herself.

Unfortunately, when she tried to leave, she was met with obscene aggression – so much so that her own life was threatened. The man behind the agency that was supposed to support her completely turned. This left her scared, confused and fearful about her future in camming. After this awful introduction, she learnt in the worst way that the adult industry is harsh, male dominated and sadly, women are often exploited.


A Catalyst for Change

After going independent, Amber started to see a drop in earnings, so made the decision to join a new agency to help her find her feet again. Although a better experience with no animosity, again, she found that there was limited support offered from the male owners of the company. Unfortunately, with no personal experience in the industry, they were unable to provide the help and understanding needed.

From these combined experiences, she knew something had to change. Not only to empower herself, but to give other women that opportunity.

Safety and Support

OTR models offers women a safe and supportive gateway into the adult industry. Whether it is a steppingstone, or a long-term partnership, any cam models wanting more support and guidance are welcome. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

At OTR, we pride ourselves on our industry knowledge. This is because our support team are, or have been, cam models themselves and have experienced the industry first hand. In a world where women are belittled and begrudged for owning their sexuality, we strive to be a positive and successful influence for them. We believe it’s all about empowering women.


An Agency Like No Other 

We are a community and UK leading consultancy like no other. Whilst many cam girl websites and streaming platforms make things extremely competitive, we don’t. We are under no illusion that the industry is tough enough as it is. So, pitting girls against each other is only counterproductive, leading to more stress and low self-esteem. At OTR, we believe it’s all about equality. No elitism, no top rankings to instil pressure. We want our community to genuinely love what they do. We are mindful of the best platforms to use, working predominantly with AdultWork due to our own positive experiences there. OTR are all about our girls and their happiness.


It’s All About You

We want our cam models to feel part of something. We understand that webcam can be a lonely place, especially after the 18 months we’ve all experienced. Our community is a safe place where everyone is free to achieve their best, feel empowered and earn the money they truly deserve. We believe there is power in a supportive agency and once a part of our team, you will always be backed and supported.

Our amazing mentors include our founder Amber, experienced cam girl Nuala and successful model, Millie. We always offer the chance for growth and progression, so if you’d like to be part of our supportive team, we’d love to hear from you.


Get in Touch

We hope you enjoyed learning a little more about our story! Are you ready to start your journey with Off The Record Models? Whether it’s a few questions about camming, the adult industry, or you’d like to apply, our female founded agency would love to hear from you. Direct message us or apply here today.

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