Online Webcam Girls: Creating a Summer Romance for Your Clients

An image of online webcam girls in summer

There’s nothing like a summer romance. With Love Island having come to end, we’re craving rose-coloured content more than ever! If you’re one of the many online webcam girls looking at how to jump on the summer fling hype, look no further. Here at OTR, we’re experienced cam girls ourselves, so know all the tips and tricks to increase your earnings over this hot girl summer.

Creating a summer romance vibe for your clients will not only ensure a regular following, but also increase your monthly earnings significantly. Here are some of our favourite suggestions.



Providing a GFE on cam is a great way to increase connection with clients that are looking for a little more of your time. GFE stands for girlfriend experience and involves you pretending to be a client’s girlfriend. If you’ve built a trustworthy relationship with a few of your regulars and they ask you to provide GFE, it’s a steadfast way to increase your salary, whilst honing into those ‘summer romance’ vibes that your fans will love.

It’s here that you can get to know your client a little more. Look to offer more things that tick their boxes. Going the extra mile like this will work in any online webcam girls’ favour, working towards building a lucrative career. Be sure to agree your terms and conditions before you begin this professional relationship and always keep lines of communication open to avoid any misunderstandings


Date Night

Date night with your client is a great way to attract those summer feels. Contrary to what online webcam girls are often told, camming is about the connection and conversation 90% of the time. It’s all about being authentic in what you do, having a genuine passion for your craft and finding out the things you love! This sincerity will always show through, giving you the upper hand when it comes to setting your pricing.

Date night is a great way to build a stronger connection with some of your clients. A lot of users genuinely what companionship and more often than not, someone to talk to. So, getting to know them better and suggesting a date evening should go down a treat. You could suggest getting dressed up and a few drinks, getting to know each other with a flirty game or even watching something together. Date night is all about having fun and forming those connections which will keep your clients coming back for more.

Sexy Summer Outfits

We all love a summer wardrobe! Online webcam girls should consider investing in seasonal outfits to turn up the heat! Looking the part always helps to build confidence. Of course, a lot of confidence really comes from within. However, feeling sexy and comfortable in what you’re wearing takes this to a new level. Feeling good about yourself will only help to attract clients because your performances will be sizzling! Colourful summer bikinis, cute camisoles and floaty miniskirts will transform you into the ultimate beach babe.


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