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We know that one of the most popular, niche requests for online webcam girls is to provide GFE (the girlfriend experience) on cam. Well, with national girlfriend week this week, we thought we’d discuss exactly what a GFE is and the tips and tricks that will keep your regulars happy, encourage new potential customers and increase your earnings for the month!

What is a GFE?

A GFE stand for Girlfriend Experience. Just as the name suggests, this is a relationship service between online webcam girls and clients. Clients will pay to have you pretend to be their girlfriend. Your terms and conditions should always be agreed before you enter into this. Usually, your client will require you to act like the two of you have a romantic relationship.

Sometimes, a GFE does not necessarily mean sexual intimacy or dirty talk on camera. Some clients may genuinely want companionship and someone to talk to about their day.  Again, this is something that must be discussed with your client before they continue as a regular.

The GFE is a niche category, so it’s not as common as some of the other webcam services available from the majority of cam models. It’s a great way of branching your services out and increasing your earnings!


Making A Genuine Connection

There are many reasons why clients are looking for GFE. It could be because they’re too busy to maintain a real relationship, or they want to experience the benefits of having a girlfriend minus the usual effort required. Clients who have never been in a relationship with a woman may find a GFE rewarding. The bottom line is that the people looking for GFE’s are looking for companionship and someone to brighten their day.

From talking about your day, watching an episode of a tv show together, to date nights, GFE requirements differ from client to client. Contrary to what you’ve probably been told, it’s imperative that online webcam girls make a genuine connection with clientele. This will ensure repeat visits.


Keep A Healthy Distance

GFE’s often requires longer sessions on cam. This is a good chance for you to earn more money from the same client, whilst potentially doing less work. However, it’s important that you give yourself the downtime needed to reset. With the GFE comes emotional labour because you need to exert more emotional effort to allow your clients to believe that you really care for them.

It’s essential that you get to know your clients and what interests them. However, be careful not to get too attached. Additionally, you should never feel obliged to carry out anything you’re uncomfortable with. Your terms will have been set and agreed before entering into this business relationships; remember you always have the freedom to say no.


Earning More Through GFE’s

GFE’s are guaranteed to bring in more income for online webcam girls. Whether you choose to include cam sex in your sessions or not, a GFE will often be priced a lot higher than a regular service because you’re giving intimacy and a more emotional display. Even though it’s a paid service, there is still authenticity in the experience.

Some clients take the GFE very seriously, and sometimes, they can get their wires crossed when you are expressing enhanced interest for them during your verbal communications. Be sure to reiterate that you are fulfilling a fantasy, should your client ever want more than what you offer. For regular clients, we suggest setting specific working hours to remind them that you’re just providing a service, and this is a business relationship.


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