Dating And Being A Webcam Model

OTR Blog - Dating And Being A Webcam Model

When you’re open about being a webcam model, it’s common to get asked questions about how much money you make and what weird things you might have done on cam. After all, camming isn’t a well-understood career and most people have crazy ideas about what we do. While you can easily find the answer to money or activities on Google, there is little to be said about the effect being a webcam modelcan have on the relationships in your life.


Here at Off The Record Models, a leading webcam model managementagency in the UK, we are all about providing potential camgirls with the information they need to get started. Whether it’s in our handy video tutorials or one-to-one support with real camgirls, it’s important you fully understand the industry and how to succeed in it. In today’s blog, we wanted to share the experience of a camgirl at Off The Record and how camming improved her relationships.


Telling My Partner About Camming

“I started my camming journey about ten months ago when I came across an advert on Instagram. The advert featured a picture of women with all different body types, skin colours and looks; they were all laughing together. Intrigued, I clicked on the page and landed on Off The Record. Thus, my camming adventure began!

Once I had done my research on the camgirl agency, I tentatively broached the subject with my partner of five years. I was extremely nervous to see what they would say! It definitely wasn’t a conventional career and not one I had tried before. However, when I told him, he just said: ‘This could be the making of you; it’s like you were made to do this’. It was definitely not the reaction I expected from a builder who would be ruthlessly taunted about it if his colleagues found out; but that’s my partner! He always sees an opportunity that could help me.

Whats life like camming now?

Due to my religious and conservative family, the only person who hears about my secret life is my boyfriend – and I also tell my best friend. He sometimes plays video games whilst I cam on the sofa and I hear him trying not to laugh as I fake orgasm. One time I was wearing a new lace all-in-one, his jaw hit the floor! He loves what I do now and he finds it crazy how much I can earn in a few hours compared to his long work days. However, it has been hard for him at times and camming has caused the occasional argument. At the beginning, he thought all I did was sit on the sofa all day, in lingerie and pjs, talking to men. However, during lockdown, he really got to see what my days were like.

Despite the few arguments, camming has done wonders for our sex life. Let’s just say I am a lot more confident in bed – and a lot more adventurous too! We would never use toys before but toys are essential for cam work so, they soon made their way into our bedroom. I know people think when you have to bring toys into your sex life it’s the kiss of death but it’s the complete opposite! It allows you to explore your bodies further and have a different type of orgasm.”

Interested in camming?

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