How To Become A Cam Girl: Calming Your Nerves Before A Show

How To Become A Cam Girl: Calming Your Nerves Before A Show

Most performers have some type of anxiety before their shows – and camgirls are no different! It’s completely normal to feel nervous ahead of your live streams when learning how to become a cam girl. However, this fear will soon dissipate by taking a few simple, calming steps.

As one of the top coaches on how to become a camgirl, the team at Off The Record Models wanted to share our top tips for easing your nerves before a show. Here is what our team of camgirls had to say:


  1. Take Deep Breaths

    When we get nervous, it can be hard to breathe normally and think calmly. You start overthinking everything, which isn’t a productive way to go into your first live show. If you feel yourself getting anxious, take a number of deep breaths to bring oxygen into your lungs and calm your body down. 


  1. Think Positive

    It’s important to not allow your brain to distract you with worries during your first camming experience. These negative thoughts will only add to your nerves. Sometimes you may find yourself holding off pressing the ‘go live’ button. Instead, think about all of the positive that will come from webcam modelling such as flexibility and control. Then you should start to feel more positive about how being a cam modelwill benefit your life.


  1. Be Prepared

    Being prepared is an extremely important part in feeling calmer when starting out. Aside from utilising our 24/7 support with experienced camgirls, planning out what you’re going to wear and say will help you feel relaxed. Here is some tips from Sofia Sanctuary. She told us that before her first experience: “I poured a glass of wine and got myself ready as if I was going on a date by doing my hair and makeup nicely. I also spent quite a bit of time checking I was happy with how everything looked on cam and how I was sat etc. It was still nerve wracking at first but the nerves soon disappeared when the chats started.” 


  1. Get Comfortable

    In order to feel your best while you’re on cam, make sure you feel as comfortable as possible. We recommend wearing your favourite outfit or lingerie and doing your best hair and makeup so you feel great. One of our camgirls even suggested: “Sticking some Netflix on in the background, and have a glass of wine or two.” Giving you that added confidence. Just don’t get too distracted by Netflix (or the wine) as viewers want to know you’re interested in them.


If you want to know how to become a camgirl with Off The Record Models, why not get in touch with our team today. Here at Off The Record, we are a leading cam girl agencyin the United Kingdom with a community of girls who we mentor. When you sign up, you will get access to one-to-one support and training to have the best start in camming possible. To have an insight into more of what our girls and team get up to, head over to our instagram and take a look.

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