Our Top 5 Payday Treats

If you’ve recently signed up to become a cam girl, you may be either getting paid daily or weekly. Maybe you’re seeing your best friend beginning to clear her wish list through internet modelling. Whatever the situation, Off the Record webcam model agency, is going to share our top 5 payday treats.


Regardless of whether you’re webcam model or an office worker, nothing makes us women feel sexier than a new pair of lingerie. Spend a day browsing your favourite lingerie stores with your girlfriends and find something that really represents you! Whether you’re a Brazilian brief, full brief, boxer or thong girl, there’s something out there for everyone!


Lingerie, not your thing? Why not invest in a new pair of shoes instead! Whether they be stilettoes or the latest sneakers. A new pair of shoes which compliment your leg shape can make you feel just as sexy as a set of lingerie!

Sex toy

What’s better than a new pair of shoes? Sex toys. You may decide to use it in your shows, or you might add it to your private collection. Whatever the reason, a new sex toy is the ultimate payday treat. If you opt for this option, pick something that you find beautiful and will leave you feeling satisfied. Nothing feels sexier than a dirty little secret!

A night out

One of the biggest advantages of internet modelling is that you’re able to choose your own hours. However, it can sometimes be rather time-consuming for your evening. It’s important to make some time to spend with your girlfriends, so why not arrange a girl’s night out?

Spa day

Who doesn’t love a spa day? At Off the Record, we love treating ourselves every now and then! Take your closest bestie and have a catch-up, a massage and a glass of fizz! You’ll come out feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! The ultimate payday treat!

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