Our Webcam Model Agency Discuss 3 Simple Ways to Spice Up Your Socially Distanced Sex Life

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It’s safe to say we’re used to the lockdown lifestyle by now. As frustrating as is it, a lot of us have been, shall we say, indulging in the newfound free time! There’s nothing wrong with doing your research and spicing up your sex life, even if it’s from a distance. It’s common knowledge that a healthy and fruitful sex life aids physical and mental well-being.

Remember, sex can be stress relieving and confidence boosting, so whether you’re by yourself or quarantining with a partner, we suggest forgetting the stresses of the world right now. Here at Off The Record webcam model agency, we wanted to give you our best ways to spice up your socially distanced sex life!


Treat Yourself


If you’ve been in lockdown alone, why not take this time to enjoy the finer things in life? That’s right, we’re talking solo sex. There are lots of ways you can experiment with this, but one of the most satisfying ways is through sex toys. There is absolutely no shame in having a helping hand; why not take the opportunity to find a toy you love?

There are countless, reputable websites that sell sex toys for every need and occasion. It is a highly individual choice and will depend on what you want from a sexual experience. Our webcam model agencyrecommends doing your research and check out product reviews. Consider the type of stimulation you like and if you don’t know, there’s only one way to find out! It’s an investment to your wellbeing, so make sure you’re making the most of self-love during lockdown.




If you and your partner are having to isolate in separate households, then there is an extremely simple solution to spicing up your sex life. Never underestimate the power of sexting. Unfortunately, it tends to get a bit of a bad rep because it’s associated with immaturity, but if done right, it could be the spark that lights your lockdown fire.

Obviously, sending a nude can definitely be part of it, but make sure you’re comfortable. The key with this is to feel empowered and sexy! Our webcam model agencycan certainly tell you that your partner will be more than thrilled with this little surprise!

The art of sexting isn’t all about the pictures though. It can be flirty, arousing texting. Create a vision for your partner, message them about what you want to do together and tease them with what will happen physically, after lockdown. The options are endless and it’s really exciting! Thank god for technology!


Let’s Get Physical


If you’re lucky enough to be locking down with a partner, make sure you’re taking the measures to spend time with each other. It could be a romantic date night, a candlelit dinner and some lacey nightwear, but the focus here is to make that time and keep it interesting. Our webcam model agencyunderstands that working from home can leave you both tired and it becomes easy to forget that sex is an essential, emotional release.

In short, schedule sex! Knowing that you’re going to have a good time later, makes getting through your daily zoom meetings a lot easier. For a little more exciting, try roleplay! There is a common misconception that you have to buy a lot of accessories for this to work, but it’s not the case. You can go as far with it as you both want!


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