Scared to Tell My Family I’m a Cam Model

Scared to Tell My Family I’m a Cam Model

Whether you’re a new cam model, or you’re a veteran live streamer, telling your family and loved ones about your career in the adult industry can sometimes be difficult! Unfortunately, there is still a stigma around sex work and despite all of the benefits camming online offers, some people still view it as a taboo subject.

Here at OTR, we’re cam models ourselves and some of us have been through this exact process. Here is our advice on telling your family about your career in webcam.


Honesty Is Always Best

It’s always better to tell your family about your job, rather than them finding out from someone else. This prospect can naturally feel overwhelming, especially if you know that your loved one(s) isn’t as open minded as you are. Remember, people tend to prefer to be told the truth (even when this is hard) over finding out from another source. Failing to talk about your career may be perceived as deception if/when it comes out further down the line.

If you genuinely love being a webcam model and can see this being a long-term career, it’s important to be open and honest from as early on as possible. You career choice is part of your identity. Being truthful from as soon as you feel comfortable ensures optimum time for your loved ones to take in the news.


Cut to The Chase

It’s important that you feel no shame in being a cam model; be confident and proud of your career path. Afterall, it’s what enables you a quality of life that many can only dream of! Be true to yourself and be matter of fact with what you’re saying. Don’t feel like you have to explain yourself too much either. You can simply discuss your job at face value, perhaps divulge a couple of the benefits, for example the flexibility and earnings, and be sure to express how passionate you are about it. This will certainly increase the chances of a positive reception. When all is said and done, family will just want you to be happy.

Family members may have a few questions they want to ask you about your job, or the industry to better understand your career path. If you feel comfortable enough, answering and discussing their queries could help them to understand exactly what a cam model does.

Reassure and educate where needs be, however, you should never feel as if you have to apologise or potentially give up your aspirations within the industry because of a negative reaction.

Confide in Friends

With national best friend day on 8th June, let’s not forget our chosen family, who are with us through the thick and thin! If you’re worried about telling people, start with a close friend, or friendship circle. A true friend is always a listening ear. The fact that you’ve trusted them enough to tell them will show just how much you value their friendship.

Get their take on telling family members too. Sometimes, a new view on a situation you’ve been stewing over gives you the fresh perspective you need!


Get in Touch

Are you a webcam model who is worrying about revealing their career to loved ones? Our advice is ‘honesty is the best policy’. Life is short. So, live it to the full, be free of what’s holding you back and enjoy the opportunities the future holds!

If you’re looking to become a webcam model, we’d love to hear from you! Our supportive female founded team are always on hand to offer our advice on your journey! Contact us here, or for a little more information, take a look at our Instagram, @offtherecord_models.

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