Sending Live Cam Models Gifts Post-Pandemic

If you’re new to the camming industry, you may have heard about being gifted for your time. Did you know that it’s incredibly common to be showered in gifts from your adoring fans? Yes, that’s right, some of our live cam models have received the likes of perfume, lingerie, extra money and even Louboutin shoes! That being said, it’s important that as we emerge from the thick of the pandemic, you are still keeping safe. Let’s take a look at gifting and the safety precautions you should be taking post-corona.


How Do I Get Gifts?

Camming is full of benefits, not only can you earn a lot of money, but gifting is a huge part of the industry. With the pandemic doubling the traffic for many cam sites, the prospect of viewers gifting is now higher. In order to obtain presents from your audience, we would suggest taking the time to get to know your viewers. It’s all about gaining a regular fanbase; those that feel a part of the experience and like what they see, will come back. Plan your shows, so you are prepared. Once you have a plan of where your show is going, you’ll be able to talk to viewers with more ease and confidence because you have an end goal for every show.

As live cam models, spending time with your clientele will fair you well. Simply speaking, the more you give, the more you get. Scheduling private shows and extra content equals above and beyond customer service, resulting in gratitude and you guessed it, beautiful gifts! Once you’ve received your gifts, be sure to wear them and show the sender that you like them. That appreciation will go a long way, and the likelihood of receiving more presents is within reach.


Be Careful

Although these luxuries sound amazing – and they are – it’s important that the correct measures are taken to keep yourself safe. With our experience, we are often asked how to protect live cam models personal information when sending wish lists and receiving gifts. As successful cam girls ourselves, we suggest a few options.


Dedicated Email Address

We would always recommend that you set up a dedicated email address, specifically for your camming venture. This way, it’s separated from your personal email and you can safely pass it on to viewers. It hides your identity and is an easy way to keep tabs on any requests or messages from clientele. It also means that you can easily monitor gifts received. Many customers choose to send hundreds of pounds worth of gift cards via email.

Amazon Wish Lists

Amazon wish lists are a great way to ensure you receive the gifts you’d like! If you don’t ask, you don’t get, hey?! You can get anything and everything on amazon, that’s why it’s a firm favourite with our live cam models. It’s important to note that Amazon often shows customers the city and county it’s shipping to. As a result, we would recommend using a fake name and PO Box address on any Amazon wish lists you have. This way, your identity will be kept safe.

AdultWork Wish Lists

AdultWork is a popular webcam model site and one favoured by the camgirls at Off The Record Models. When you set up a profile, there is an option to add a wish list. This allows viewers to purchase the things you would like. It also hides your address from the person gifting you, which is essential for a cam girl. From lingerie to technology, you can request anything safely, without having to worry about your identity being exposed.


Get in Touch

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