The Benefits of a Weekly Blog on Webcam Model Sites

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At Off The Record Models, you may have noticed that we have a weekly blog! Of course we enjoy writing exciting content, but there is a lot more to it than that. We’re all about creating a supportive community and we want to be able to support women on their camming journey. Our blog has helped thousands of cam girls achieve their full potential within the industry. From a technical point of view, webcam model sites should invest in a blog if they want to be taken seriously. Let’s take a closer look at the importance of blogging on adult websites.



Surprisingly, a lot of people haven’t really heard of blogging, yet it is very important to any reputation online. If you’re a brand, not only does it help to pose you as reputable online, but you can help many achieve their camming goals through the content you put out. This not only works wonders for your SEO – becoming trusted in the eyes of search engines, but should the content be engaging, you will soon become trusted by the targeted audience that read your content. Offering guidance on specific subjects will pose you as a leader in your field, gaining your webcam model sites more clicks.



It’s one thing to be an expert in your field, but being genuine, sincere and sensitive in what you say is just as important. When people search for things online, it’s often because they need a solution, or some kind of help. Be sure to become that support network and give them the advice they need. At Off The Record Models, we set ourselves apart from the rest because we are experienced cam girls ourselves. You can rest assured that what you’re reading has come from people who really know what they’re talking about! Not only do we offer our cam girls (and prospective cam models) advice through our content, but we are one of the few webcam model sites that give consistent aftercare. We are available 24/7 to support any queries you may have.


Creating Community

The adult industry is highly competitive as it is, so we do everything that we can to create a welcoming and supportive insight through our content. At OTR, we build each other up – let’s hear it for the girls hey?! Through our content, our camming community can learn about specifics of the industry and even add to what is produced by us, to make it as authentic as possible.


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Blogs not only help to bring business to webcam model sites, but also provide aspiring cam girls with brilliant resources to encourage them to join a community. If you’re thinking of becoming a cam girl, Off The Record Models would love to help you! Our supportive team are on hand for any advice or questions you may have. If you’d like more information about our agency, take a look at our recent blogs and get in touch today!

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