The Redhead Kink: How Ginger Cam Girls Can Earn More Money

The Redhead Kink: How Ginger Cam Girls Can Earn More Money

Cam girls, did you know its national kiss a ginger day on January 22nd? With this in mind, we thought we’d focus this week’s blog on how you can capitalise on the redhead kink and increase your earnings this new year!


What Is A Redhead Kink? 

A redhead kink is simply a niche in which someone finds red hair a turn on. There have been many debates as to why people find red hair so alluring. One theory is that being a redhead is a genetic rarity. Things that are hard to find are sought after, so finding a rare redheaded gem online almost feels like a prize.

Another reason is that redheads are known for their feisty, freaky, and fun stereotype. Some clients enjoy a woman who oozes confidence and fiery discipline. Whatever the reasoning, the redhead kink attracts a lot of traffic within the adult industry. If you are blessed with ginger hair, you certainly don’t want to miss out on getting involved.


How To Make The Most Of Your Ginger Hair

With the red hair kink, cam girls should look into different lengths, textures and styles to try and streamline their niche even more. Longer hair does tend to work better as it’s easier to style on camera and opens a few more doors in terms of what you can offer. Try out a few different looks and see how they go down with you audience!

If you’re not a natural redhead, but want to appeal to a certain clientele, don’t worry! You can dye your hair, or simply buy some realistic wigs. This way, you can experiment with different looks, without having to change your own hair permanently.


Content Creation for Cam Girls with Red Hair

When it comes to content creation for hair fetishes, you can think outside the box! There are plenty of scenarios and fantasies you can create to increase your income this month. Here at OTR, some of our ginger webcam models have gained a regular following through tailoring their shows to include:

  • Feisty redhead dominatrix
  • GFE (red headed girlfriend experience)
  • Redhead MILF

Some other profitable hair content includes:

  • Styling and Brushing – brushing and styling hair, sometimes to specific requests on cam. This can also involve hair accessories, products and heated hair tools.
  • Stuffing: Putting your wet or dry hair into your mouth and trying to talking.
  • Washing: Massaging and washing your hair in full view.
  • Haircut: trimming and cutting hair on camera.
  • Bun Drops: Releasing hair from a bun.

Ask your audience what they want to see for more ideas, it’s a great way to get tips and gain an even bigger following. Ensure that your content delivers and stands out from the crowd to set yourself apart from the competition!


Cam Girls, Get in Touch

If you want to be a webcam model, we’d love to help you on your journey! At Off The Record Models our leading cam agency is made up of successful cam girls who are on hand to help you with any questions you have along the way.

We’re a close-knit community, who genuinely care about one another. So, whether you’re a natural red head or not, you can contact us here or take a look at @offtherecord_models for a little more information. We look forward to hearing from you!


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