The Top Types of Underwear for Webcam Jobs

With national underwear day making an appearance on August 5th, we thought we’d get up close and personal and detail the top underwear for webcam jobs. This will help you to get ahead of the game and always feel prepared before your shows! Confidence is key and wearing the right underwear definitely contributes to that!


The Basics

First thing’s first, let us delve into the meaning of lingerie. Put simply, lingerie means undergarments or sleepwear. Traditionally, lingerie styles are a little fancier than your typical, everyday essentials. There are so many styles to consider but we’ve got the lowdown on the most popular underwear, plus how to wear each style for a beautiful look, perfect for any of your webcam jobs.

If you’re looking for success on cam, we would recommend investing in a wide selection of sexy lingerie and underwear. The right garments can really work wonders for your profile. Remember, the more options you have, the more money you are likely to make you’re your audience. First impressions go a long way, which is why making an effort is a must; be sure to wear lingerie that offers just enough of a tease to get the viewer interested in the show.


What Style of Underwear Should I Choose?

Bikini Style

A firm favourite and really comfortable too. A sexy pair of bikini style panties can stand solo or be paired with a matching cami or bra for a simple, yet stunning look. A bikini is a classic cut and slightly low rise. It won’t reveal too much, yet will still look cute and flirty. There are so many colours and designs available – the bikini style is appropriate for any webcam jobs.


A bodysuit is essentially a bra and panties in one. It does offer more coverage than two separate pieces but don’t worry, it’s incredibly sexy. It brings that ‘special occasion’ vibe to cam shows. You can buy a bodysuit with or without straps, with lacey cut outs and even in a high-leg thong style. The options are endless, so you can find the perfect fit.


Similar to a bodysuit, but with that extra wow factor. If you want to add the va-va-voom to your webcam jobs, this is a big step in the right direction. A bustier is an extended, push up bra top that covers all or most of the torso. It’s similar to a corset but way comfier! If you’re looking to pump up the sex appeal, you can try attached garters, to add thigh-high stockings. Most bustier’s have the option of matching panties, so if you can get them, go for it to complete your look!


A chemise is a simple, short slip dress that you can literally slip into. It’s elegant and definitely gives off that ‘baby doll’ vibe. You can pair your chemise with matching underwear to enhance your look and give off a flirty, yet sultry air. It’s super comfortable and is the perfect accessory for your shows and any webcam jobs.


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