Thinking of Becoming A Cam Girl?

Thinking of Becoming A Cam Girl?

Are you thinking of becoming a cam girl this new year? Let Off The Record help you achieve your professional goals in 2023! Camming can be an extremely lucrative career, but we make no qualms about the hard work and dedication needed to succeed in this competitive industry.

Joining an agency is a brilliant way to hit the ground running. It means you always have a reliable support system and can start making good money from the get-go. Our female led agency inspires women to achieve their best, with your best interests genuinely at heart. We’re different to any other agency out there and here’s why.

What Sets OTR Models Apart?

In 2017, Off The Record Models was founded because of a lack of female led agencies and studios within the industry. There was a huge gap in the market and something that needed representation! In almost 6 years, our business has grown in ways we could’ve only imagined! This is testimony to our work ethic and passion for what we do.

At OTR Models, we’re cam girls too! Not only do we support our large team of girls, but we have first-hand experience within the adult industry! Our mentors have either been cam models themselves or are currently working in the industry. In a world where women are belittled and begrudged for owning their sexuality, we strive to be a positive and successful influence for them. We believe it’s all about empowering women.


You’re Never Alone

Becoming a cam girl can be dauting at first. In an industry that can be lonely, we’ll be beside you every step of the way and available to offer guidance and advice. Someone will always be at the end of the phone to answer you queries!

We want you to feel part of something bigger than ‘just a job’. We’ve worked hard to ensure our community is a safe place where everyone is free to achieve their best, feel empowered and earn the money they truly deserve. We believe there is only power in a supportive agency and once on board, you will always be backed and supported.

A Close Community

We know that models always do their best when they feel confident and capable in their job. Ensuring that each new girl has a mentor ensures a steadfast support system, from people who have been in these shoes! We provide full training because the only way to succeed is to gain confidence through understand the tricks of the trade! Becoming a cam girl with OTR Models is much more than a job, it’s freedom and friendship too.

We understand that the industry is tough enough as it is, so we never put pressure on our cam models. Many other agencies make things extremely competitive, we don’t. We firmly believe that pitting girls against each other is only counterproductive, leading to more stress. At OTR, we believe it’s all about equality. No elitism, no top rankings to instil pressure. We want our community to genuinely love what they do.


Join Our Webcam Model Agency

Are you thinking of becoming a cam girl in 2023? We are all about our girls, and their happiness! What are you waiting for, apply now and talk to our team today! For a little more information, take a look at our Instagram @offtherecord_models.

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