Top 5 Confidence Tips

If you’re looking to become a cam girl as a legitimate career but don’t feel as though you’re confident enough, you can become stuck in a ‘catch 22’ so-to-speak. The bottom line is, confidence is the key to becoming successful on camera and if you don’t have it, our advice is to fake it until you make it! Off the Record, webcam model management is going to give you our top 5 confidence tips.

You are your own competition 

When you start being a webcam model, it can be incredibly easy to watch other people’s shows and compare yourself. However, the thing you have to bear in mind is that everyone is different, and every person has his or her own preference. So, your only competition is you! Competing with yourself, constantly striving to improve is the key to successful camming!

Look your best

Looking your best always help boost your confidence, whether you’re going out with friends or going live on cam. Not only that, but the better presented you are, the more confident you are, the more success you will have! Every two weeks, make some time for yourself, take a bubble bath, do your eyebrows, fake tan, go out with friends, whatever makes you happy! If you look good, you’ll feel good!

Find your angles

Almost everyone has taken a selfie or an outfit pic, so you’re probably familiar with your best angles. When it comes to being a webcam model, you’re going to need to transfer those picture perfect positions to the camera! However, these may need to be adjusted slightly.

Understand your technology

Get to know how your technology works inside and out before you go live to put you at ease. Play around with lighting, music level, camera angles and background to give yourself an added element of confidence and self-assurance.

Pay attention to your body language

It’s important that you’re comfortable on camera. Get used to what position feels right for you when you’re live, bear in mind that having your arms folded or being distracted may not be the best option! Although, if you smile a lot with relatively relaxed body language, you’ll not only attract more viewers but also increase your confidence.

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