Top Tips For Your First Live Show

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You’ve taken the plunge and decided to become a cam girl! However, you get around to planning your first show and have no idea what to do. The bottom line is, confidence is the key to being successful and if that’s something you struggle with, you have to fake it till you make it!

With this in mind, here are four tips the girls at Off The Record, webcam model management, have for getting ready for your first live show.


Dress to impress

If it’s your first live show, you might wonder what to wear. While many people think live cam girls have to get naked on every live show, that just isn’t the case! Many girls choose to wear sexy lingerie, shorts and a skimpy t-shirt or even a costume to entice their audience to tip more. But dressing to impress doesn’t just end with your outfit choice. Make time for a little TLC and get bronze with a spray tan or get your eyelashes and eyebrows done – it will not only make you look good but feel good too!

Angles are everything

When it comes to taking a good selfie or picture, angles are everything. The same applies to online cam girls. Once you become a webcam model, you’re going to have to use your picture-perfect positions to show the best version of you to your clients!


Invest in the best

While angles are important, having the right technology is vital to having a successful live cam chat. The webcam on your laptop likely won’t have a good picture quality, meaning your audience might be unable to see you clearly. Make sure to invest in a good HD webcam with a wired connection so your stream is clear, with high picture quality.


Body language is key

The people who flock to watch UK cam girls go to see a fun, friendly and confident women who aren’t afraid to talk to their audience. While it’s ok to be nervous on your first live stream, confidence is key to achieving a high following and tip rate. If you sit on your phone throughout your stream or sit with your arms folded, your audience will pick up on your lack of confidence and interaction and leave. Remember to smile and feel relaxed – have fun with the wonderful, and potentially weird, conversations you will have your audience!

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