Trick or Treat: 4 Ways Live Cam Models Can Get Freaky This Halloween

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Happy Halloween! The spooky season has begun and it’s that time of year again when the ghouls (and girls) come out to play! Live cam models can always benefit from seasonal festivities, you just have to know how to do it. It’s simple and easier than you may think, you just have to be prepared to dedicate a little time to scheduling, planning and…pumpkin carving of course.


Setting the Spooky Scene

It’s only a few days until Halloween, but don’t worry, you still have time to spook up your surroundings! Where Halloween is concerned, less is not more. In fact, the more effort put in, the more cam models earn in tips. Dressing up will go down extremely well, but ensure that your setting is a spooky scene! Consider your lighting, music, pumpkins, candy and cobwebs in the background – viewers really enjoy this. Trust us, it’ll go down a treat!

Additionally, it’s worth filming and editing any content for socials, or your profile before Halloween. This results in professional looking content ahead of time, meaning you can cash in on it throughout the whole week! It also means that you can dedicate your time to live shows on Halloween weekend – which always promise to be great earners.


Supernatural Cosplay

Cosplay is certainly the way to cash in at this time of year; it’s one of the most searched genres on adult platforms and is a niche in itself. Adult cosplay content is extremely popular around this time of year and roleplaying in character during your shows can largely increase your following. At Halloween, the searches get a little more weird and whacky. From Harley Quinn to Frankenstein’s Bride – you name it, it has probably been searched. So, do a little research, find out the characters that are trending and play to your strengths!

That being said, think carefully about your choice of costumes. It’s important for live cam models to double check what is adult appropriate; what may seem fun and playful to you could end up receiving backlash if you’ve not done your research.


Chilling Competitions

If you’ve left things a little last minute, you can always do a quick competition to rally the troops. Contests engage your audience and attract new followers. Offer fun giveaways, from free short shows, to exclusive seasonal content. Around the spooky season, competitions do really well and viewers love participating, which means you’ll gain more overall support as a cam model.


Creepy Content

Halloween is also a great time to utilise tags. Whether its hash tags or video tags, these can get you noticed by new customers. Hone it to those niches and get tagging! Halloween content makes it really easy to diversify your tags, broadening your demographic. For example, your video may be a solo play session but if you have a specific outfit, for example, long black gloves, throw a black glove tag into the mix and you can gain niche, fetish traffic, on top of the vanilla traffic you would’ve already had from ‘solo play’.

If you’re a little nervous about posting niche content, don’t be! So many live cam models are promoting niche content on social media because it works at this time of year! Lets face it, everyone loves spooky season! Of course, there may be some overlap with costumes and content, so don’t be disheartened if you see other cam models producing similar content, it’s likely to happen. Be sure that what you’re producing is original and you have nothing to worry about. Keep pushing Halloween themed content over the next few days – if you’re going to benefit from anything out of the ordinary, it’ll be this week!

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