UK Cam Girls: How to Revitalise During A Summer Drought

UK cam girls revitalising their content for summer

For UK cam girls, Summer can actually be one of the driest months, and not just because it’s sunny! Website traffic tends to quieten down throughout this season, so during the ‘summer drought’, be proactive and get prepared. This way, you can stay a highflyer, even when things are that bit slower. At Off The Record Models, we are experienced cam girls ourselves, so here are our top tips to revitalise your strategy and stay ahead of the game.


Plan Ahead

We know we’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, getting into the habit of planning ahead will serve you well in this industry! Having a content plan, alongside a business plan will help you to make money all year round. If you don’t have these processes in place, start creating them now. Look at your earnings month to month and if you’ve been doing it longer, year to year. This way you can make comparisons and break down what works and what to do when. A simple spreadsheet is a great way to lay it all out in front of you.


Customer Retention

Keep your customers coming back. Experienced UK cam girls will tell you that it’s not all about new customers. Although those who sign up tend to start spending quickly, gaining a rapport with returning customers will play to your advantage long-term. By making those connections, you’ll gain your own fan base, and a steady income will begin to make an appearance!

Give your regular customers the VIP treatments; pay attention to their personal interests where appropriate, their kinks, maybe when their birthday is. You can even contact them between transactions to keep them interested. Stay in regular content and be sure to keep your followers updated with relevant content that you know they’d like to see.



Connect with people who will inspire you! This is where Off The Record Models can really help you. We are a supportive community of UK cam girls here to help you on your journey. Any questions you have, or anything you want to run by us – we’re here for you! Similarly, platforms such as Twitter are really helpful for any FAQ’s and finding a squad who truly understand what you do.


Consistent Content

If you have a website, a blog is a great place to start! Let your fans know when you’ll be available and what you have to offer. The more you do it, the more reputable you’ll become in the eyes of search engines and this will allow more people to see your domain. Offering things like your top tips and talking to your fans through the blog will also help your personal reputation.

Consider your customer base – who are they? Be sure to create content that matters. If you are getting a lot of requests for something particular, consider exploring these. Branching out and showing versatility could fare you well and revitalise the content you’re putting out. If it doesn’t work out, move onto something else, at least you tried!


Get in Touch

Set yourself up accordingly and you’ll reap the financial benefits! Don’t worry if you feel like you’re experiencing that ‘summer drought’, all UK cam girls deal with this at some point in their camming career! If you’re thinking of starting your camming journey today, then we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us today! We’d love to hear from you.

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