Virtual Sex Tips from Online Cam Girls

online cam girls using sex toys on cam will gain followers

Did you know that satisfying and safe virtual sex is definitely possible? You just have to be in tune with yourself. With national orgasm day coming up on 31st July, we thought we’d take a look at some great virtual sex tips from our online cam girls. This will ensure that you’re enjoying yourself and hitting the spot every single time you perform!


Tune in to Yourself

Authenticity is a key aspect of cam sex. Our online cam girls say to use this platform as a way to share your own sexuality more organically with others. Whether you’re modelling on cam sites or creating custom content for fans, be true to yourself and do what you feel comfortable with. If you’re not comfortable, it’ll show. If someone is ever pressuring you to send more than you’re comfortable with, you always have the right to say no.

Affirmation and authenticity are two of the most important aspects of your camming experience. If you’re doing what feels genuine, having fun, and most of all, not putting too much pressure on yourself, then you’re on the path to success.


Set the Scene

If you want to make it in the industry the aesthetics of your scenery is something you must consider. Our online cam girls recommend investing in good lighting and to use props to play with angles and scenes that make you feel proud, sexy, and powerful. You can always stick to simpler framing to create a more natural interaction. Wear what makes you feel confident, whether it’s a baggy tee, lingerie, or nothing at all. Trying different positions on camera can introduce you to a new side of yourself myself, giving you enticing content and helping you to build confidence on camera.

From a safety perspective, make sure there’s nothing in the background that could give away your location, like a street sign you can see through a window. One easy way to do this is to opt for lighting that showcases what you want to focus on and let the rest fade into darkness.



Be personable and flirty on cam! It’ll help you to gain a regular following, as well as put you at ease as people start responding to your shows. Talk to your audience during shows; tell them what you’re doing, ask them what they’re doing. Describe your natural desires and don’t try too hard to come up with sexy language that just isn’t you. Remember, be authentic and true to yourself.


Play with Toys

Our online cam girls recommend using toys. So long as you feel comfortable, it can be a steadfast way to achieve orgasm on cam. It’s kinky and it feels amazing; there is something for everyone! If you don’t fancy venturing in the world of dildos and vibrators, household items like ice cubes and melted chocolate can make for some fun experimentation and even satisfy specific niches within the camming community, gaining you more followers. Just make sure you’re careful about what you’re putting inside your body and avoid things that could cause irritation or injury. A sex toy can make your self-exploration on cam more enjoyable and authentic.


Get in Touch

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