Webcam Model Websites: How to Look Good on Camera

Webcam Model Websites: How to Look Good on Camera

Whichever webcam model websites you’re using, one of the main concerns within the camming community remains the same – How do I look good on camera, consistently. We’re only human and we all have our off days, or times when you’re not quite ‘feeling yourself.’ We truly believe confidence comes from within, and a few simple tips on how to work that webcam from the outside, will only contribute to how you feel about yourself within. Here are our top suggestions for killing it every time you head online.


Make-Up and Hair


It’s kind of an obvious one, but hair and make-up can make a huge difference to how you feel when camming. We’ve spoken about the importance of clearly differentiating between your work persona and your true self. Breaking up your normal beauty routine can help you to feel like you’re in character. Think about the show you’re offering and tailor your look to that. If dominating is your style, think smoky eyes, a hot red lip, and a slicked back updo. If you’re going girl next door, perhaps some voluminous curls and simple yet feature enhancing make-up is what you should be aiming towards.


Even if you’re going for a simple look, with webcam model websites, less is not more. Remember that a camera won’t ever pick-up your features and expressions as well as if you were face to face. To enhance your interactions, fake eyelashes are a must. If you’re not someone who wears a lot of makeup, you might think these seem a bit extra. But believe us when we say your eye colour will really pop with their addition on camera, they never look as over the top as you may think. It’s the same with your other make-up, putting on a little more than usual will not only enhance your natural beauty, but on webcam, it’ll help with conveying emotions, image clarity and enable you to interact with confidence.


Camera Ready Complexion


A presentable complexion is one of the top priorities amongst many cam girls. Although a camera is never as hi-res as real life, it will still pick up a lot. Picking up that radiance on camera is sometimes hard to achieve. Getting that ‘glow’ can really help to brighten your skin tone, and this will show through on camera! Don’t wear a super matte base, instead, try illuminating foundation and putting powder or cream highlighter on your cheekbones, or anywhere that could be classed as a highlighting point. You’ll get that bright, dewy and flawless finish on your skin, perfect for the camera. If you have time, gently exfoliating and moisturising before you apply your make up can further help a clearer complexion.




Good lighting is one of our top suggestions when it comes to guaranteeing you’re camera ready! Reputable lighting will be needed for any webcam model websites, so by investing in a good lamp or two, you certainly won’t be wasting your money. Make sure you’re not backlit; the light should always come from in front of you, or to the side of you (but behind your webcam). If you’re anticipating some close-up shots, you can try positioning a lamp on a desk, or a surface close to you, to capture and light up your face and body from close proximity. Experiment with lighting yourself, avoiding glare and washout where possible.




Try not to position your webcam too low. Having the webcam above your eyes is not only more flattering, but it offers a more engaging (eye contact) and comfortable angle. If your camera is built into your laptop, prop it up so that it’s above your eye level. If your webcam is external, you can position the camera wherever you feel most comfortable and confident! Determine the angles that suit you, move your webcam a little closer to your face, and also try it farther away; figure out what you like. Knowing this now will ensure you are confident and looking your best for every show!


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With these few simple tips, you’ll be looking and feeling your best on camera and across webcam model websites in no time! Don’t stress, here at Off The Record Models, we are here to help you. As experienced cam girls ourselves, our supportive team are here to guide and advise you on your journey. If you’d like to know more about what we can offer you, contact us here! We look forward to hearing from you.


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