Webcam Model Work: 4 Camera Angles That Will Keep Them Coming Back for More

You’re starting to establish yourself in the world of webcam model work; you’re gaining a regular following and your audience are enjoying the content you’re producing. How about a few more angles to add to the list? As we always say, it’s better to be prepared than to get caught out. So long as you’re inventive and continue to stand out from the crowd, you can’t go wrong. Here are our top tips for camera angles that will keep you audience coming back!


From the Top

As you’ve probably discovered with webcam model work, some viewers know exactly what they like. For some, it’s boobs. Some like them big and some like them small – remember there is a niche for everything. We say if you have breasts, flaunt them! A straight on view of your torso, looking straight on at your boobs will certainly get the attention of your audience. The closer you can get, the better. Full focus means your viewers won’t want to turn away from a great quality, POV visual!


Full Frontal

A full body shot won’t leave much to the imagination. Teasing with underwear and toys makes for some really great webcam model work content and will keep your followers coming back for more. Place your camera on a tripod that is slightly higher than you. Tilt it a little so that you have a full view of your body. For an extra flattering angle, position the camera higher, but not too far away. Lay on the bed, sofa or even stand before your audience – a full body shot ensures that no one will miss anything important!


Down Under

Lay your camera down on its back, this could be on the floor or the bed. Let it capture you from below, whilst you are on your knees. Arch your back and use your legs to leverage yourself up and down. This angle should aim to get your under-boob in shot, making them look voluptuous. Try and capture your face in shot when you look into the camera, to make it more personal for your audience.


Bottoms Up

In webcam model work, the field is vast. Some viewers love nothing more than a bit of bottom content. Before your show, place your camera where it will be able to focus directly on your butt when you are bent over. This could be from a height or straight on – try and focus on only your butt and lower back. This goes for any kind of close up; if you want your audience to focus on one part of your body, give them an extreme POV angle. If positioned on the bed, be sure to have fresh bedding and pillows as a backdrop, it’ll make your content even more desirable.


Get in Touch

Practice makes perfect, remember to play around with different camera angles to find what works for you. As experienced cam girls ourselves, we’d love to help you on your camming journey. If you’re thinking of branching into webcam model work, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us here or send us a DM on Instagram – we’d love to hear from you!

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