What Lingerie Is Best for a Webcam Model?

What Lingerie Is Best for a Webcam Model

As a webcam model, feeling comfortable on camera is essential. Confidence will help you to give your best performances on cam and one of the simplest ways to encourage those feel-good feelings is by presenting yourself in a way that makes you feel good!


Lingerie is a great place to start. Generally, you can wear what you want on camera, so long as it plays to the theme of your shows, but knowing what works and what doesn’t before you start will help you get ahead of the game. Here are our top tips when it comes to lingerie on cam.


Do I Have to Wear Lingerie?

The short answer here is no. You don’t have to wear lingerie on camera to become successful. Making an effort in any way will help to increase your views and in turn, your income. There are many webcam models that feel more comfortable in shorts and tank tops. Either way, using your lingerie or other appropriate attire as an extension of the services you’re offering will always be beneficial.


Consider Your Character

When choosing your lingerie, be sure to pick something that reflects your camming persona and fits with the nature of your show. It’s very simple to pick attire that mirrors your personality. What you wear doesn’t necessarily have to be the traditionally lacy style we all think of. If you’re going for girl next door, casual cottons can be appropriate. If your preferred style is dominatrix, think black leather. It’s as easy as that, pair your lingerie with your persona!


Functionality and Comfort

As a webcam model, it’s really important that what you wear allows you to do your best work. Lingerie that helps you to feel confident and sexy is all well and good, but if you can’t move in it, that becomes a problem. Be sure to choose your attire for functionality and comfort, especially for live shows. If you’re visibly uncomfortable, it won’t work in your favour. Remember the goal is to gain a regular following and the way to do that is to offer exciting content in which you can perform to the best of your ability.


It’s worth mentioning, that if you are taking pictures or short clips, lingerie for impact, rather than practicality can work. You don’t tend to move around as much when it comes to stills and short excerpts, so if you’re looking to create striking imagery, lingerie that is made purely for aesthetics can certainly work here.


Where Do I Buy Webcam Model Lingerie?

You can buy your webcam model lingerie from anywhere you like! You don’t need to break the bank by going all out. Try out a few pieces that encourage comfort and confidence and try them during your shows, this way you can see what works for you. For something a little more niche, places like Ann Summers, Love Honey and I Love Lola are great places to start. But even Amazon sell some beautiful lingerie!


Get in Touch

If you’d like any more information on the type of lingerie and clothing you could try for your shows, Off The Record Models are here to help you. As experienced cam girls ourselves, we’re here to offer you advice and help you on your webcam model journey. Get in touch with our friendly team today or take a look at our Instagram, @otrofficial_uk to learn a little more.

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