Why Autumn is The Best Time to Become A Cam Girl

Why Autumn is The Best Time to Become A Cam Girl

Want to become a cam girl? October means it’s the perfect time to start your journey! As the evenings draw in, the nights get longer, which means it’s prime time for cam girls to increase their earnings! If you’re new to the camming industry, why not hit the ground running and get a head start on your totals by starting before Halloween? This week, we take a closer look at why autumn is the best time for you to start your new career.

Longer Evenings Mean Higher Earnings

Darker evenings and chillier weather mean two things; increased earnings for cam girls and pumpkin spice lattes all round! If you want tobecome a cam girl, you’ve picked a great time. With the change in season, comes an opportunity for optimum income.

Webcam model sites see a large spike in the numbers of viewers during the autumn and through to winter. The colder months mean that more people are looking for something to do in the evenings, and often crave personal connection, more so than in the summer months.

With dusk rolling in earlier, the period in which cam girls can go online in the evenings extends by around 4 hours. This means there is more time to cam, more flexibility in hours, more clients wanting to connect and more potential money to be earnt! It’s a recipe for success.

Cosy Season is A Connected Season

For those who don’t have a partner to cosy up with during the autumn and winter months, visiting cam sites offers genuine connection and something to look forward to in the evenings. If you want to successfully become a cam girl, it’s important to learn how to cater to these specific clients (we can also help you too!).

One of the key elements of success as a model is the ability to listen and get to know your clients in an authentic way. A lot of the time, clients just want someone to talk to and get to know in a genuine way; contrary to what we’re often told. Learning about them can help you to tailor your content when needed, enabling you to earn the most money when online.

Establishing A Following Ahead of The New Year

If you think you’d like to become a cam girl, we advise doing so now, rather than waiting until the new year. Competition becomes higher in January because people are looking for new opportunities work wise, and even factors like the weather and general time of year play into this. By starting your cam journey this month, you can establish regular clientele and a loyal following now and get a head start, way before the new year!

Theming Throughout the Colder Months

From October-December, there are plenty of occasions that you can use to your financial advantage! From Halloween, to Bonfire Night, Christmas and NYE, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to themed content ideas. Seasonal adult content creation is a great way to increase your income and help to build up and retain a regular following throughout this latter part of the year.

Keep your content fresh and enticing; be sure to plan what you’re putting out a couple of weeks in advance to reap the full benefits of each theme. This also means that there will be a lot less work to do around each actual holiday, so you can focus on your live time and earning lots of tips!

Want to Cam?

If you want to become a cam girl, now is your chance! Kickstart your career this autumn with our female founded agency. At OTR, our supportive team of past and present cam models are on hand to answer any questions you may have. To learn more about Off The Record Models, take a look at our Instagram, @offtherecord_models or get in touch with us to sign up today!

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