Why Cam Models Should Get TikTok

TikTok cam models

Over lockdown TikTok gained the status of the most popular form of social media and it is now considered the fastest growing social media app created. We all know TikTok for its short videos of trending dances, songs and the general interesting ongoings that give us a 15-second window into other people’s lives. Well, cam models can definitely take advantage of the hype. Here, OTR Models tell you how you can benefit from TikTok as a cam girl.


The Concept

TikTok has simplified video creation and sharing for everyone. All you have to do is record and post! This quick watch formation means that video-creation and watching doesn’t take a lot of time or effort. However, it pays to know your way around the app and get on the trending hypes.

TikTok challenges and contests, sometimes endorsed by celebrities, can help to boost brand-related content and therefore, your business venture. It’s a great way to promote yourself, whilst being relevant. Like with Instagram, leveraging hashtags help to expose you to both a wider demographic and your target audience. There is huge potential for it to be a suitable marketing tool for sex workers, however, there are a few hoops cam models have to jump through.


The Rules

Naturally, there are a few rules that cam models must be mindful of. The app is suitable for age 13+. This means that nudity and controversial language is not allowed. However, there are ways around this. Underwear and cam appropriate outfits can be worn. Additionally, words associated with sex, or sex work will be flagged up and your post will be taken down. So, be mindful of the hashtags and captions you use – nothing too hardcore. Hashtags like #kinktok work really well, attracting the right audience, without being too direct about sex.


The Trends

Have you heard of #spicyaccountants? Well, if you haven’t, it’s a phrase that is widely recognised by cam models and fans on TikTok. It all started with the ‘accountant song’. Many users began making content about their day-to-day jobs using the song. Cam girls got on this hype, saying they were ‘accountants’, dressed in lingerie and promoting their businesses! Smart right? Now, ‘accountant’ on TikTok is a recognised term for cam girl because of the number of women in the industry taking advantage of this buzz word and gaining popularity!

Participating in trends like these are essential to the growth of your business. Additionally, captions and auto-generated speech text can be edited, and certain emoji’s can be added, so you can ensure that your posts won’t get flagged down and are within the TikTok content guidelines.

Alongside the popular dances and transition trends to TikTok songs, showing bank balances and educating other cam models on the tricks of the trade have become a huge trend amongst the camming community. This has created a supportive community online, encouraging girls to share and build up each other’s successes.


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