Why Camming Is A Feminist Revolution

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Nothing is more feminist than becoming a cam girl. Unlike any other career choice; webcam models stand up for women by showing the world you are in control of your choices and your body. At Off The Record, webcam model management, we pride ourselves on empowering women across the UK by providing a platform for them to earn money from home.

Here are three reasons why camming is a feminist revolution.

Body Empowerment

The myth that surrounds the live webcam model industry is that you have to look a certain way to be successful. But that just isn’t the case! It’s to remember that clients love women of all different shapes, sizes, colour and style. They like you for you. As a result of this; webcam girls are reported to have higher self-esteem and job satisfaction than those who work a regular nine to five office job.

Reclaiming The Sex Industry

While women who work in the sex industry are often depicted as victims, this just simply isn’t the case. In fact, women who become a cam girl are provided with the opportunity to reclaim profits from the traditionally male-dominated pornography industry. What’s more, webcam models can maintain control of their image and dictate the terms and conditions on how they are viewed; all from the safety of their own homes.

Financial Independence For Women

The Oxford dictionary defines empowerment as “making (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights” When it comes to the internet modelling industry; webcam models are encouraged to create complete financial independence in a way that’s fun and makes them feel comfortable. Cam girls are also likely to earn more money than the average undergraduate in 2019. Models who put in the hours can earn up to £1,500 a week; earning more control over their lives and the ability to provide for themselves without needing to rely on anyone.

The webcam industry is an incredibly feminist career that encourages women to feel empowered to express their femininity and become financially independent. At Off The Record, we provide one to one mentoring from experiences cam girls to ensure you have adequate support for a successful career.

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