Why Camming Is Safer Than Your Think

There are a lot of myths surrounding the webcam modelling industry. Many people often relate it to a form of internet prostitution; where the girls are forced to perform sexual favours and act in a certain way. However, camming is different from the other types of sex work out there. Unlike the world’s “oldest profession”, adult webcams are the safest form of sex work in the UK.

At Off The Record, webcam model agency, we work to dispel the myths that surround the webcam industry while providing support for women who wish to have a career as a cammodel. Here are three reasons why becoming a cam model is safer than you think:

Female Empowerment

Unlike other types of sex work, it’s highly unlikely for a woman to be victimised by using live cam chats. Internet modelling is an incredibly feminist industry; giving women the opportunity to reclaim profits from a traditionally male-dominated pornography industry.

Webcam performers are often highly entrepreneurial; harnessing mainstream social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram to connect with their audience and increase their income.

Working Through Screens

You often hear horror stories of escorts and prostitutes being mistreated when meeting clients. However, camming means your clients will never be able to physically touch you. Online webcam girls are usually set up in the comfort of their own home. In most cases, they will only communicate with their audience via chatrooms and will never meet them in person. As a result, a career as a live webcam model is incredibly safe; with no risk of interacting with a dodgy client.

Saying No

In the line of sex work, it’s inevitable that you will receive a message from a client that you don’t feel completely comfortable with. However, it’s vital to remember that you are in total control of every call. In your room, what you say goes and only your rules matter. You can either politely decline or simply block them if the user becomes a hassle.

With webcam jobs being one of the safest in the sex industry, we encourage women looking to get into the industry to start camming. If you would like more information about how to become a cam girl, get in touch with Off The Record, webcam model management, today.

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