Why Webcam Model’s Should Be Using Social Media

If you’re a current webcam model or looking to become a cam girl, then you will have seen the adverts saying how women are able to make six figure incomes as live cam models. While this may seem unattainable, especially if you’re just scraping by each month, it’s much easier than you think.

Creating a strong social media presence is vital for having a successful adult webcam career. You want to establish yourself as a brand and having a large following can lead to endorsements and ad sales. Here’s why Off The Record, webcam model management, believe online cam girls should be using social media.

Connect With Your Existing Clients

If you’re looking to maximise your income, then social media is the way to go. Regular posts about upcoming shows, your day to day activities and engagement with audience members; these are just some of the ways to utilise your profiles to establish your brand. By doing this, you will increase your personal brand awareness and following on social media; which in turn, will increase your views and tokens.

Finding New Clients

Social media is a form of free advertising, which makes it a great way to find new clients. If your cam shows specialise in female domination, you will be able to reach out and find that audience by creating social posts with niche-specific hashtags. No matter what social media platform you use, it’s vital to be consistent. Posting a different post every day will give your customers some variety and will reward that in your live shows.

The Right Social Media Platforms

Before you jump into the social media game, it’s important to use the correct social media channels. Twitter and Snapchat are great for adult-friendly content and are the most popular platforms for online webcam girls. While Instagram isn’t entirely adult content friendly, they can make exceptions if you censor your image and your written content isn’t too explicit.

Unlike other webcam model agencies, Off The Record provides all of our live webcam girls with 24/7 support from experience cam models. Our unique approach allows our cammodels to have a successful career by providing a friendly and personal approach to model management. If you’re interested in becoming a webcam model, sign up to our webcam model agency today.

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