Cam Girl Tips and Recent Frequently Asked Questions

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Looking for cam girl tips? This week, OTR Models cover some of the most frequently asked questions from the past month. From how live calls work, to showing your face online, here we delve in and take a closer look at what you’re asking! As cam models ourselves, we love nothing more than inspiring other women to succeed in the industry and discover the true benefits of the cam world.

How Do Live Calls Work?

There are many different ways you can interact with your clients. Using our trusted platform, calls will show up in either:

Live Chat in free mode

Private A group chat with a certain amount of people

Exclusive One to one chat with a client

In all of these scenarios, you can talk and perform to a range of clientele. In your ‘room’, you are in control of every single thing that happens. Regardless of whether you’re speaking to a group of people, or one person – you decide what you feel at ease with. Everyone who enters your chat will be looking for something different, so you can choose to accept or decline the calls based on what you feel comfortable doing. There is never any pressure to do something you don’t want to! What you choose to discuss and offer is completely up to you. Calls can range from normal chit chat to dirty talk – you can navigate the conversation in which ever way you want it to go!

Do I Need to Put on An Act?

No, in fact, it’s authenticity that sells! This is one of the easiest cam girl tips. Being yourself will earn you more money than anything else. If you’re sincere and passionate about what you do, it will resonate with your audience. We would always recommend being true to yourself and stick to your boundaries; being overly sexy and dramatic doesn’t necessarily work! Clients want to speak to a real woman with a personality.

Do I Have to Show My Face?

Yes. Camming is all about connections. You simply can’t connect with someone if you’re faceless. Human nature means we connect with faces, eyes, smiles and expression. By allowing your fanbase to get to know you (and see your face), you will steadily grow your bank balance! If you cover your face, you won’t be able to engage with your clientele properly.

If you are worried about revealing your face online, don’t worry, you can disguise yourself easily! Try wigs, glasses, contact lenses, different hairstyles and changing up your make up. Check out our recent blog on cam disguises for more advice here.

Can I Be a None-Nude Model?

Yes! Last on our list of cam girl tips is the question of nudity on cam. This is completely your choice – what you decide to show on cam is entirely up to you and you only. For many cam girls, non-nude is a great way to find their flow online. Discover what you’re comfortable with and build up your confidence to try other things! You never have to get nude if you don’t want to. There is money to be made in many different outfits – from gym gear, to pyjamas and roleplay costumes, the sky is the limit!

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