How To Become A Cam Girl: Can You Keep Your Clothes On?

how to become a cam girl

There’s an assumption that when you become a cam girl the only way to make money is to take your clothes off, and it’s easy to see why! Webcam modelling is rooted within the adult industry, therefore, the assumption is that most viewers will expect to see some skin and may request to see you perform sexual acts.

However, we are here to tell you that some of our most successful cam girls do so by talking to their regulars for hours, without so much as removing a sock! Webcam models that don’t go nude exist, and for some online customers, it’s becoming more and more popular.

In this week’s blog, the team at Off The Record Models – a leading webcam model agency in the UK, discuss with our cam girls whether they think you can become a cam girl and be successful, all while keeping your clothes on

Can You Become A Cam Girl Without Getting Naked?


Anna Lou

“During your time camming, you will, of course, get clients that just want you to get naked for ten minutes but they are not the ones that make you successful. I haven’t been a camgirl for long but I have found that my regulars are seeking companionship. They want someone to make them feel special and are actually interested in what they have to say. These are the ones that help to make camming a real success and ones that you should try to focus on working with. When I started, it actually shocked me that most of my time on webcam isn’t spent getting naked. I spend most of my sessions talking and getting to know someone. It was a nice surprise!”


Camilla West

“You can definitely be a successful cam model without getting naked and doing sexual things on camera. The best thing when you become a cam girl is that you are in total control of what you do! You can pick exactly what you show and what you offer. You are your own boss and you make the rules! You do have to keep in mind that camming websites are very sexually orientated so some people will expect those things. However, you can play on it without taking off your clothes. Be a tease, talk to people about sexual things rather than doing them and find a fetish that doesn’t involve getting naked like feet or wearing PVC. There are definitely ways around it! I’ve found a lot of guys go there just for some company and a chat with a pretty lady. Most of my regular clients just like to talk to me and flirt!”


Sofia Sanctuary

“You definitely don’t have to get naked or be sexual to become a cam girl successfully. There are lots of guys and girls that just want some company for lots of reasons – whether it’s a distraction, good laughs or to unload some of their stresses. I have a few good regulars that have never seen me naked and all we do is chat. I personally enjoy the sexual side as much as the chats. To be successful as a webcam model, I think you just need to be yourself and enjoy whatever your angle is! People will be drawn to you and your vibe if you are comfortable in yourself.”

Here at Off The Record Models – a leading webcam model agency in the UK, we are helping hundreds of women answer the question: how to become a cam girl and how to become successful? After all, our team of experienced camgirls know how confusing it can be to navigate this rewarding career. Therefore, we want to support and mentor prospective webcam models to get what they want out of camming.

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