Become A Cam Model: How To Look Better on Camera

Camera on tripod in front of blue background - look good on camera

If you’re looking to become a cam girl as a legitimate career, looking good on camera is the number one rule to success. As a webcam model agency, Off The Record, provides support and advice for advancing the careers of our live cam girls. If you’re just starting out, here are a few tips to looking better on camera.


Invest in a good webcam

One thing that is paramount in performing on camera is a good and clear stream. Make sure to invest in a good HD webcam and avoid streaming from a laptop. If you have to use your laptop, use a wired connection instead of wireless as they tend to be much more stable and faster.


Presentation is key

Looking better on camera doesn’t just mean hair, makeup and sexy clothing. When it comes to live webcam girls, it’s important to remember the way you arrange yourself and the room you are in. An untidy bedroom can be a huge turnoff for paying customers. If you work in your bedroom, make sure to smooth out your covers and put any unclean clothes in the wash.

The right lighting can work wonders for video streams. Before you set up the room for camming, make sure the lighting isn’t too dark or too light. Invest in professional lighting options such as softboxes and ring lights to help brighten up the room around you.

Before you start your live stream, pay special attention to your audio. Background noise such as TV or other voices heard from elsewhere can be distracting to your audience. Always remember to put your phone on silent and as far away from you as possible so you can focus on what you’re doing.



When people watch your live webcam show, the one thing they’ll want to see is you! Try to frame the room around you by keeping everything else in the background and making you the centre of attention. Keep your eyes on the camera rather than the screen to give your audience the impression you’re talking straight to them.

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