Being A Webcam Model: What To Expect From Your Camming Experience

One of the easiest ways to earn money as a webcam model is by going live on your chosen webcam model website. As a new webcam model on the site, attracting viewers and hopefully securing a private chat with someone is important. This is where you can earn major credits and gain regular viewers. This may be a daunting prospect – especially going into your first show. That’s why the team at Off The Record Models are here to help you!

As a leading UK cam girl agency, we support and mentor girls through their careers in webcam modelling. Not only is our founder a successful ex-camgirl herself, we also have a team of experienced camgirls to provide tips and tricks for new models. When you join Off The Record’s webcam model management, you will be put into a group chat with other camgirls to share advice and ideas with one another. We also provide helpful training videos, giving you information about setting up your profile and starting your first cam sessions.

In today’s blog, we speak to two of our successful webcam models to find out how their first camming experience went.

Rachel K

“Before camming, my bedroom experiences were varied and fun but nothing in the areas of roleplay or kinks. My first camming experience was an eye opener. I didn’t know what to expect and was rather nervous. I got ready, curled my hair, poured myself a drink to calm the nerves and logged on with a huge smile. I had been forewarned about ‘pingers’ so that didn’t faze me and spoke to a couple of lovely guys, along with a few chancers who tried to persuade me to go above and beyond because I was new. That first evening was a Sunday and I made something like 82 credits so I felt on top of the world. I realised it was true – I could make money from my sofa, on my terms!

Red Delicious

“The first time I was on cam I was super nervous and didn’t know what to expect. However, in the end, I spent most of my evening having a conversation with a really nice gentleman. He was talking about a nudist beach abroad and I was asking loads of questions. We were joking and laughing about it. I had no idea what it was like or what they liked about. It was a fun conversation!

I was surprised that camming was more about a connection between the two of us and not focused on me. Before I started camming, I believed that I had to be doing something or performing in some way. However, camming is more about connection and conversation than I had anticipated. Our conversation was a lot more interesting than me dancing around in my bedroom. Another thing I learnt from my first camming experience is that there are lots of people with secrets that they want to confess and can’t talk about in their lives. They want an outlet to share their problems.”

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