Why Webcam Models Should Offer Fetish Shows

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Many clients who use webcam model sites want to indulge in fetish play. Fetish play is for those looking for a little more adventure to feel sexually satisfied. The fetish and niche market has grown considerably over the course of the pandemic and with the number of webcam models also increasing over this time, it always pays to stand out from the crowd. Fetish shows are a great way to do this. Here at OTR Models, we are experienced cam girls ourselves. In this blog, we’ll detail why you should offer niche shows, the benefits and a few of the fetishes you could offer.


The Rise in Fetish Play

No one is the same when it comes to sex. We all like different things – what seems exciting for one person, could be someone else’s worst nightmare. Likewise, ‘routine’ sex is often not enough to get the more adventurous people riled up. Fetishes can really help to spice things up a little. A whopping 30% of the population claim that they enjoy indulging in something a little out of the ordinary between the sheets. A further 20% of people have claimed that more fetish play kept the fires burning during the pandemic; it’s no wonder that the adult industry has seen a rise in demand for sexual fetishes of all kinds. Webcam models should capitalise on this to increase their followers and in turn, their income. You can certainty charge more if you offer highly marketable fetishes!


Variety for Increased Earnings

As a cam model, one of the most exciting things about your career is the variety and diversity each day can bring. However, if you ever find yourself in a position where you’d like to try something new, fetish play is a great way to open the door. The fun always begins with finding something that you are completely comfortable with and that you also enjoy. Yes, part of your job is to satisfy your client, but it’s also about loving what you do too! Authenticity, sincerity and a passion for your job can be seen a mile off and will result in a larger following of clientele.

There are many sexual fetishes to choose from. Be sure to do you research when looking to see what’s out there. Some are slightly more niche than others, but so long as you’re comfortable with what you’re offering, you will increase your earnings significantly.


Most Popular Fetishes Requested on Webcam Model Sites

Here are some of the niches we would recommend aspiring webcam models to look into:

Foot Fetish: There are plenty of clients looking for foot content. Check out our recent blog on increasing your earnings through your feet here. From filming yourself removing stockings, to a pedicure, and foot washing – foot content is a great way to give your finances a boost!

Fin-Dom Fetish: Financial domination comes under the BDSM bracket. It involves the submissive giving the dominant gifts and money – submitting the control of their money to the dominant. Unlike a Sugar Daddy, the submissive does not expect anything in return from gifting the dominant. Technology has only made fin-dom relationships easier; it is a firm favourite within the camming industry and one of the most profitable fetishes on webcam model sites.

Cosplay Fetish: Cosplay, or costume play is a great fetish to look into if you’re after variety. You can dress up as absolutely anything or anyone and there will probably be a niche in the market for it! You must be prepared to take on the role seriously though. Those who are sexually aroused by certain characters come to webcam model sites and webcam models specifically to see someone dressed up as their favourite character. If you play the part well, you can earn thousands.

BDSM Fetish: Whether you’re a milf mistress, a hardcore latex wearing dominatrix, or enjoy being a Daddy submissive, there is plenty of scope to play around with when it comes to BDSM. People tend to associate this type of fetish with cruelty, but that’s not usually the case. Those who engage in BDSM do it because they want to please each other – not hurt each other. Know your limits, even on cam, communication is key with this one.


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Fetishes are a great way for webcam models to make a name for themselves on webcam model sites. If you have any questions about how to explore fetishes, or the kind you’d like to offer, then we’d love to hear from you. Our supportive female founded community always empower and encourage. Get in touch with us here, or for a little more information, head over to our Instagram @offtherecord_models.

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