Apps manager

How I got into the industry?

This was neither planned or expected! It was back in 2018, I was on holiday when Nathan messaged to ask whether I enjoyed my job at the time, yep a pretty random question I thought! Intrigued to why he was asking, I told him that I wasn’t particularly happy as it was pretty stressful. He asked if I’d like to work with Becky and him. OTR was growing and they needed an extra pair of hands to process applications.

I jumped at the chance, knowing that I would be able to make a positive difference to their lives. Making things a little easier for them, so they could fully concentrate and focus on the unique support OTR offers.

My role in OTR

I’ll set up your profile, making sure its verified and good to go! I’m here to make this process as simple as possible, guiding you through both the age and ID verification.

A bit about me

I’m interested in complementary therapies, holistic healing and gardening. I’ve discovered I quite enjoy the gym, it only took going to the gym on and off for the last 20 years, to work that out! I love spending time with our grandchildren and I get a buzz out of doing anything to help someone that makes a difference to them.

Two truths and a lie:

I’m a qualified Reflexologist.
I enjoy horse riding and used to dressage.
I won a silver medal in badminton.

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