How I got into the industry?

I’d been working in the City for many years, doing the daily commute and hating every minute! When a friend text me; “New job for you lol” with an advert  for webcam attached. I contacted the owner and with in the hour I was set up on cam. I loved it! I could work from home, choose the hours I worked and never have to do the commute again. I went on to work with some other Agencies before joining OTR and shortly after becoming a Mentor!

My role in OTR

I’ll be your personal Mentor. Everyones webcam journey is unique and I’m here to support you every step of your way. Between Becky, Camilla and myself there’s nothing we haven’t seen or experienced ourselves on cam! Advice giver and agony aunt are two pretty apt ways of describing my role. I’m here to take the worry out of webcam, fill you with confidence and help you make the most out of cam.

A bit about me

I’m originally from Essex but now live in sunny Marbella. I love dogs and live with Harrie, my little West Highland White Terrier. I’ll stay up and listen to 80’s music or a live band all night. I’m a huge believer in mindset, alternative therapies, meditation and positive thinking. You’ll be bored of hearing me quoting PMA!

Two truths and a lie:

I got my dog on a Tinder date.
I once got married in Vegas.
I really enjoy cooking.

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